USPS Jobs among list of occupations with bleak future

Elder care and other low-wage jobs will be among the fastest growing career fields over the next decade. Postal carriers and journalists might have a harder time finding work.

The most job openings, due to both growth in the sector and employee turnover, will come for workers in retail sales and food and beverage service. Average income in those fields is less than $20,000 per year.Postal and media sectors are likely to shed jobs in the next decade.

Employment among U.S. Postal Service workers is expected to decline 28%. Reporter and correspondent jobs will contract nearly 14%.

Job Outlook
Overall employment of Postal Service workers is projected to decline 28 percent from 2012 to 2022. Automated sorting systems, cluster mailboxes, and tight budgets will adversely affect employment. Although the need to replace workers who retire will result in some job openings, very strong competition can be expected as the number of applicants typically exceeds the number of available positions.

Here’s a table of the postal career fields that will grow and shrink in the next decade. All levels in thousands











via Which Fields Hold Jobs of the Future? Low-Paying Ones, Mostly – At Work – WSJ

This table shows a list of occupations with job duties that the Department of Labor says are similar to those of postal workers


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  1. Don’t think that’s correct BigD. I look up my PM/Supervisors salary every so often on and both have gone up about $6000/4000 in the last 2-3 yrs.

  2. To: BIG D says…… I don’t know anything about your 1st 1/2 your comment, BUT the 2nd 1/2…. WOW! you are 1 zillion percent correct. Try to get a mechanic to fix a machine an hour b4 he clocks out… GOOD LUCK! WE BETTER WAKE UP!!!!

  3. To “Your TSP BELONGS TO ME”

    For your information… EAS employees have not had any raises never mind bonuses in FOUR years
    AND management staffing is being cut 33% in our facility this year ( NYC) !!!

    SO CUT THE CRAP !!!!!Has there been mismanagement ??? ABSOLUTELY but there is blame on every level INCLUDING a good percentage of ” entitled ” workers who never heard of ” a hrs pay for an hr worked”. God forbid a front line supervisor ask a floor worker to do something one hour before their shift is over. !!!! Many of you not eligible for retirement better wake up and smell the coffee; the USPS better not go down the tubes because the work ethic of many in the work force wouldn’t last a month in the “real world “

  4. Like I said, the ‘mgmt rug’ needs some serious shaking. The unions need to focus on the ‘working’ force. I would support employee ownership of the company, to include productive unions. Most all FMLA employees abuse the benefit at some level, but many employees who qualify for FMLA, don’t want to be labeled as such and refuse to submit for it. Corruption is in every level of every thing. The good, hard-working USPS employees vastly outnumber the bad, but the unions spend the majority of their time defending the bad. If integrity became a requirement for being employeed, we would witness a dramatic reduction in the work force, especially in mgmt., but morality is a fast fading commodity. The dismantling of the USPS is unconscionable! The USPS is America on a much smaller scale, and the vulchers on top are terribly hungry. A lot needs to be remedied to turn this around.

  5. Issa is one man,doing nothing different than most conservatives. Doesn’t matter who’s leader of that committee. Issa being in a R +1 district should entice the DNC to throw some money at that race. Democrats aren’t fighting enough for us and that includes the President. I applaud APWU President Diamondstein to fight for our rights. If the Democratic party doesn’t want to stick up for labor, then we should picket their offices too. Fast tracking legislation like the TPP proves labor needs to be proactive.

  6. Privatize the post office and prices will skyrocket for mail delivery. Management will be paid like the private sector and you will see walmart wages for the workforce. Some of you want that thinking you will benefit from this but fat chance. You will see higher prices and real snail mail. Your local communities will suffer from the loss of good paying jobs and you will suffer also from it. We have those that only want people to fail and have no clue in how a community thrives. We stopped shopping at walmart as they are killing our economy with low wage jobs and with that force higher paid jobs to lay-off their workers to compete with them. Yes you pay lower prices for their products but they are a cancer to the higher paid jobs and soon their won’t be any. I guess people want just rich and poor in their country.

  7. Eleanor…the APWU has no clout and nothing to offer at the table. The clerks are a dying breed which is what Diamondstein saw early on when he tried to organize the private sector to ensure APWU continued a flow of funds into their coffers after extinction came. His actions didn’t create any new jobs…just additional revenue for APWU. You don’t have a clue! This protest with Staples is just another action by Diamondstein that will result in a lot of pats on the back and cries of victory when Staples pulls out however…no jobs!

  8. Eleanor…would this include APWU & NALC who contributed union funds to the coffers of Issa (R) in 2009? Does that qualify as aligning? Maybe you would support employee ownership of the company? If so…would you keep the union around? No and let me tell you why…you need a scapegoat, that’s why. You know damn well that the employees (you know…the ones on FMLA anxiety leave cause they don’t like to be told what to do or the rest of the malingerers) would run the place into the ground worse than the incompetent managers that you need to blame. Its always been that way…you know it…unions need to have a bad guy for self-preservation otherwise who the hell needs them? Employees need to have a bad guy to justify feeding the complaint machine so they don’t have to work. Align with Republicans/Democrats/Indpendents/Communists or whatever…it don’t mean a thang!

  9. Any Postal employee aligning with the Republican party should do us all a favor and resign. If the unfounded demolition of the USPS continues, you need only a mirror to understand the ‘why’ when they shut us down. My passionate support for the USPS is only outshadowed by the complete incompetence of it’s mgmt. If mgmt is to remain intact and in place, we might as well close our doors now and side-step this ugly demise. Our predicament lies solely on the shoulders of mgmt.

  10. The worst year of the economy 500,000 new addresses were added to the system. A few years ago 1.2 million addresses were added. Read the article about 40 % of carriers out after dark. While automation has made it tough on processing jobs, carriers will have to be hired at sometime. You can not keep added to routes and get the mail out on time.

  11. What they forget is Mgmt numbers will continue to increase.

    We would not decline if Congress would stop bickering and worrying about Sat/Sun or any other day and lift restictions that the Post Office could thrive on.

    EX-Alcohol shipments and other things not allowed to be shipped through USPS but can to our competitors.

  12. Journalist jobs will continue their 40 year decline. Propagandists for the left, on the other hand, we will continue to have an expanding job sector.

  13. Of course, none of this will have any affect on reducing the EAS/mgmt ranks, or their bonuses.

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