USPS looking for volunteer Postal Employees to work in Puerto Rico

10/17/2017 USPS is accepting requests from employees who want to volunteer to work in Puerto Rico to help restore service following hurricanes Irma and Maria.

If you wish to participate, you must submit a letter of intent no later than Friday, Oct. 20.


Career and non-career employees who want to volunteer to work in Puerto Rico must submit letters of intent no later than Oct. 20.

Career and non-career employees are needed. Those selected will work in their assigned crafts. To cite two examples, letter carriers will carry mail, while mail handlers will support processing activities.

The Postal Service won’t pay travel, housing or per diem. You’ll need to arrange your own accommodations with relatives who live in the area — and you’ll need to state this in your letter.

You’ll get your regular pay, plus overtime when applicable.

Assignments will be made on a 30-day basis and evaluated at the end of each period to determine if the assignment should be renewed.

“This is not an assignment for everyone. But for some of you, it is an opportunity to extend your service in a place and at a time when it is needed,” said Northeastern Area VP Ed Phelan, whose jurisdiction includes the Caribbean.

More information, including instructions on submitting letters of intent, are available in a memo posted on LiteBlue.

Source: USPS News Link

30 thoughts on “USPS looking for volunteer Postal Employees to work in Puerto Rico

  1. Yeah ! That’s what those people need down there is their mail! Whoever thought of this must be one of those out of the box morons

  2. Meghan:

    Do you really exist or are you considered a ghost? Where are you when the ignorant fools that work for you come up with idiot ideas like the one going to PR on the employee’s dime, why have they not been fired already for being stupid idiots or is it just the fact that you are too busy having another MUFFIN and do not have time to care about how stupid the Postal Service looks doing something like this.

  3. Only in the Postal Service would you ever find a more moronic bunch of idiots in upper management. They would be run out of a normal company if they were to ask their employee’s to go to a disaster area and live in squalor, probably on the street somewhere as all the buildings have basically been damaged or blown down with no electric, food, water, medical, transportation etc. and offer them to pay their own way and find their own food and lodging and transportation. This is beyond the pale of stupidity. I would like to see the results of how many employee’s took them up on this offer. Better yet I would like to see how many managers took them up on this offer, I would none to maybe one.

  4. Since locality pay is included in your hi 3 average, does anyone want to increase their pension by 25%. What happened to all the locals who get the 25% locality pay,, where did they go. Perhaps we could raise postage another penny, and give them a higher locality pay

  5. You won’t pay travel , housing or per diem! Wow , what an incentive! Where can I sign up! LMFAO! More proof of the morons running the USPS. So glad I retired from that cesspool of ignorance 6 years ago. I mean really. They really expect people to volunteer to an island with no infrastructure, food, water or electricity? And I guess one would have to bring a tent to live in! Gheesh what a bunch of morons. It was run by illiterates when I was there and now I see that it is dropped even further down the IQ scale. You idiots at the USPS management office are a disgrace to the service!

  6. The smarter thing to do for management would be to extend the temporary peak season work offer to retiree’s already living in Puerto Rico to now, but none of the genius’s in Elephant Plaza thought of that.

  7. Meghen, Why don’t you ship out those hundreds of toolbags
    doing nothing at the resort in DC. Get something out of them
    while you can. Make them earn their salaries and bonuses
    before they take the money and run. While you are at it why
    don’t you donate the muffin and donut money you toolbags
    use on a daily basis to the people of Puerto Rico. It would
    feed thousands.

  8. This makes me so angry! Not only did it take a month for USPS to find out they need help with the millions of packages going to P.R. , they make it sound like they are doing us a favor by letting us volunteer at the expense of relatives already burden by their current situation. If I go they will have another mouth to feed and a body to transport back and forth to work. I would be at work a great deal of time helping the post office while the people who needs help are helping me. WHO IS PAYING ATTENTION? (By the way packages I sent Oct 4 are just getting to my family)

  9. if employee safety is one of your top priorities, why in the hell would you ask us to volunteer with no place to eat or sleep, volunteer at our own risk, please Ed you are a fool and should be as trump would say ” your fired”

  10. Volunteers won’t have to worry about budgeting for utilities….for there’s no power, water or sewage infrastructure that’s working….maybe the plant manager will let you take a shower at the San Juan P&DC…LOL

  11. nothing from nothing leaves nothing, where could we eat, live and sleep? if you offer nothing then you get nothing, Ed the talking horse.

  12. Yet we have Management teams sent to South Florida Keys, Houston, etc after these type events all expenses paid, per diem, housing in hotels, but for craft employees nope you get nothing!

  13. let me get this straight…go to a dirty, rundowm, toilet,,,,,and that was BEFORE the hurricane! work in terrible conditions…get no travel ecpenses or per diem. hmmmmmm…where do i sign?!

  14. Thank you employees for your service this holiday season. —Meg Brennan

    There’s your Christmas bonus

  15. I am retired from Cataño Annex. Want to know if retires can go and work as volunteers. I will like to go back and work at the Annex

    • It would be smarter to extend the temporary peak season work offer to retirees in Puerto Rico to now than to try to entice current employees to take a detail where they pay their expenses, but non of the genius’s at Elephant Plaza would think of that.

    • Double pay, plus a place to stay, plus expenses, plus round trip paid for air ticket, and then, maybe then, short tours of maybe three months at the most.

  16. Sorry, most of us have worked at the Postal Service long enough to not get tricked by wanting to help PR, by this offer. The Postal Service is asking us to pay out of pocket and join the miserable conditions that PR is living in right now. I’d love to go and help but not at that expence!!!

    • Who’s stopping you, just submit the letter and your on your way. Just don’t forget to buy plane tickets, find a place to live without electric or water or air conditioning and bring a lot of food and water because there are none in PR. You might consider there are most likely no medical care as well.

      Good Luck

  17. I find it outrageous that the Postal Service is asking volunteers to pay their own expenses when the employee is going out of their way to volunteer into hazardous ,dangerous areas .unbelievable.

    • I totally agree, that was my feeling immediately after seeing this ad. We are going to pay our way to sacrifice living in bad conditions. I can bet every other team from other companies that went there to help were not asked to pay their way, and find a place to live?

  18. You are going to ask me to work in a area that is not fit for human life and not compensate me any more than I would get if I stayed home and went to my regular office? What happen to the 15% cost of living? I have to pay my own way there and find food and water? NO THANKS!

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