USPS loses documents in Alabama capital murder case

MOBILE, Ala. (WPMI) — Troubling development in a capital murder case currently under appeal…

The post office lost a box of trial records in the Heather Keaton capital murder case.


Keaton was the first woman sentenced to death in a Mobile County court in 2015 after being found responsible for the deaths of her common law husband’s children.

This happened in April when the clerk’s office mailed the box to the criminal court of appeals, but came to light today in a hearing

Postal service loses vital documents in Mobile County capital murder case

12 thoughts on “USPS loses documents in Alabama capital murder case

  1. “found in supposedly empty equipment”…………… stamp in the nixie arsenal lol! now you know why Amazon is starting their own delivery network. let’s just be grateful that these postal bureaucrat clowns do not fly 747’s!

  2. Bozo’s on the workroom floor? Nah, couldn’t be, could it? What do you think? How many Express pieces and Reg’s you ever find in a pouch or Express bag that was supposed to be empty?

  3. I agree with previous comments. Should have made copies and sent by registered mail. Haven’t they heard the comment ‘lost in the mail’?

    • Contract Post Office is virtually the same as regular P.O. The problem is the Village P.O. and these makeshift offices, Formerly Staples and other businesses ripping off the public.
      Only a crook sends very important mail with no certification of delivery, SET-UP !

  4. Something sounds fishy here. First, any documents as important as these should have been sent as Registered Mail, which is basically under “lock and key” and internally tracked until delivered. There is nothing in the story saying how it was shipped, or where it was shipped from. For all we know, the box may have been shipped at a cheap rate from a grocery store based Contract Post Office.

  5. Wouldn’t you think they would have made copies. Documents should have been mailed by registered mail.

  6. No one made copies? Probably in the bottom of a hamper
    or waiting days to be rewrapped. Nothing new. Total
    mismanagement by the toolbags but don’t be late for
    your shift or punch early. How are those delivery standards
    working out?

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