USPS: Mail Processing Clerks move into customer relations roles

10/17/2017 A group of mail processing clerks recently moved into new roles helping USPS strengthen customer service.

The Customer Retention Team (CRT) in Dayton, OH, has added about 40 bargaining unit positions represented by the American Postal Workers Union. The employees are responsible for contacting local business customers and helping to address their issues and concerns.


Tim Young is one of about 40 mail processing clerks who recently moved into new roles on the Dayton, OH, Customer Retention Team.

The clerks who moved into these positions say they appreciate the opportunity to use their postal experience in new ways.

“Not only have we become voices of the Postal Service, but trusted guides to our customers,” said Jerome Hoskins, one of the CRT agents.

The Dayton CRT is part of the Postal Service’s broader effort to deliver world-class customer experiences, one of the organization’s core business strategies.

“I love working with the customers,” said Amy Thorpe, another Dayton CRT agent. “Several customers have thanked me for the services that we are providing, and that makes me feel that I have made a difference.”

source: USPS News Link

5 thoughts on “USPS: Mail Processing Clerks move into customer relations roles

    • They were, the APWU filed and won the grievance awarding these jobs to clerk’s. Jobs that the clerk’s don’t seem to want. A great victory.

  1. These jobs went up for bid in my district after the APWU won the grievance talking them away from the sick/lame/lazy and legitimately hurt. They are continually up for bid since, no one seems to want them. No OT, windowless room, on the phone all day. Sounds like a circle of hell.

    • You can call up your long lost friends and relatives and chat all day, the best part is you’re paid to do it.

      No phone sex.

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