USPS management in Richmond VA ready to fight terminations from scandal over overtime pay

note: Were the managers, supervisors following instructions from USPS or postmaster when they deleted letter carriers overtime pay clock rings?

The battle over pay practices of the U.S. Postal Service in the Richmond area is about to become even more heated.

First, letter carriers publicly complained and filed a federal class action lawsuit seeking repayment of overtime they claim managers and supervisors illegally stripped from them — allegations that the USPS firmly denies in its response to the suit.


Now, the Free Press has learned the national postal organization that represents managers and supervisors is vowing to defend Richmond area members who have been disciplined or are facing firing for their alleged role in the matter.

Richard L. Green Jr., regional vice president of the National Association of Postal Supervisors, or NAPS, told more than 100 members who gathered April 19 at Richmond’s Main Post Office on Brook Road that NAPS is prepared to provide lawyers for at least eight African-American members who have been placed on leave with pay and have been notified they face dismissal, members said.

He said NAPS would do all it could to ensure that those members keep their jobs.

The key question that remains is whether supervisors were following USPS procedures and the city postmaster’s directions in altering time cards, called clock rings by the USPS.

Postal service managers, supervisors ready to fight terminations

 USPS continues to shake up management from scandal over overtime pay in Richmond VA

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Nearly 300 in Richmond VA join lawsuit against USPS avoiding payment of overtime

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15 thoughts on “USPS management in Richmond VA ready to fight terminations from scandal over overtime pay

  1. It goes to show you that the NALC is garbage union and should be thrown in the garbage with management. The mighty NALC knows all about these dirty activities by management and they don’t do anything because management pays under the table payments to the union and the union reps also don’t do there routes here New Jersey. This is why the union turns blind eye to this bullshit.

  2. well you better get ready to fire management here in Columbus Ohio they have stolen almost $200,000.00 from carriers over the last 10 years and they will keep stealing as long as they can. The SOB’s here in Columbus are just as bad.

  3. like Stalin’s Bolsheviks nothing ever happens in the US Postal Circus by random chance…….this is just another criminal common scheme and plan to screw the workers out a days pay for a days work. even the criminals are out on leave WITH PAY…….I have never known a worker in my 31 years who was put out on leave WITH PAY……double standard in of itself is criminal as these mismanagement stupidvisors belong in jail for theft of money and other illegal acts while using a government computer. we need a special outside investigation from the Justice Department to look into this…..I have called AG Jeff Session’s Office and made his staff aware of the criminals in the Postal Circus. the more press the better….sunlight is the best disinfectant.

  4. all roads of criminal activity lead back to the PFP bonus scam and PMG Muffin Meagan IOD Brennen……period. what was it that President Harry Truman said about the buck! she should resign….or President Trump should fire her!

  5. It happened to me and others in my pay location 2 pay periods ago. First time in 32 years. Obviously directions from the top a la Wells Fargo.

    Non response from the union as well. I will be paid by leaving the union for my final 18 months and I have basically stopped working the OT. It was more of a (foolish) sense of obligation to getting the job done. It has become obvious that this is no longer part of their plan, why should it be part of mine?

  6. Long as they can document which one of the rat finks up the chain told ’em to do this, the truth will always set you free!!! Whoever dreamed this scheme up and thought it was a good idea needs to have their brains examined for a possible gigantic empty space in there that was previously not known to exist there!

  7. We caught a new female supervisor trying to cook the book. Do not know if she wanted bonus pay or was instructed from the “Big House”. She played dumb and said it was a mistake over a 4 month period. Minorities can do anything and not lose their positions.

  8. Of course the hire up toolbags were aware of what was
    going on. They supposedly know everything. Their pay for
    review depends on these issues. Toolbags. Toolbags.
    Toolbags. FIRE THEM.

  9. Nothing will ever happen because postal management is never held accountable for their actions. Look at the results of all these plant closings, delayed mail, ruined lives, and still management is not held accountable.

  10. Now management knows what it’s like to be treated like shit! A taste of their own medicine, enjoy! I remember management paid $100 million in arbitration awards in 2012. So management can dish it out, they should in turn receive the treatment.

  11. It’s about time managers faced some consequences. They are doing illegal acts and violating the contract on a daily basis nationwide. They feel like they are untouchable, but fail to realize they too are employees. Justice is served!!!!

  12. Looks like my suspicions have the ring of truth to them. I smelled “scapegoat” all over this fiasco, and the fact that the removed supervisors and managers may have been hung out to dry so their bosses could escape responsibility.
    If that’s the case, I would not rely solely on NAPS, because not being a recognized union group management upper level bosses can pretty much ignore it, which they do. This is a case I would be getting the courts involved in, and maybe the NLRB if they work for managers who get screwed.
    We craft and craft retirees should not be happy just because these people were removed. It will not stop the problem, it puts these peoples’ families in a terrible situation, and apparently some racist allegations have also been filed. Supervisors should keep records of all orders that come over the USPS intranet to protect themselves. If any managers are stupid enough to give orders out that steal from employees’ pay on paper, get your hands on copies if you can. I know some managers are not smart enough to keep from doing something idiotic like that, and I would also advise those under fire discreetly talk to other managers and supervisors who may have received the same orders.
    If it can be proven that management did steal from craft people, getting the right people punished is the only thing that will stop the theft. And as such, given its close proximity to Washington D.C. headquarters, if I were a lawyer investigating this incident, or a Federal agent doing the same thing in the case of legal escalation, I would start with Megan Brennan and work my way down to every Area and every District in the country. The PMG should remove the real culprits, or admit her complicity. In that case, she should be fired immediately. I hope the people being thrown to the sharks unfairly get justice.

    • It’s not necessarily a smoking gun like a memo or email or anything similar… In a meeting, the DM just casually said we need to be creative to control the budget and OT situation blah blah blah, then everyone gets the hint.

  13. you write a comment and it doesn’t get posted ….why?????? wow it has to do with management stealing… and abuse of power!!!!!! that’s why it don’t get posted….why try to report anything if union and oig are just going to do nothing

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