USPS moving ahead with plans to consolidate up to 82 mail processing facilities in 2015

usps network rationalizationUSPS has quietly announced that they are moving ahead with Phase II network rationalization

More than $2.1 billion will be saved by the end of 2015

This week the Postal Service said they will move ahead in 2015 with the next phase of its plan to consolidate up to 82 of its mail processing facilities. Additional information will be posted as it becomes available.

The Postal Service expects to capture $2.1 billion in total annualized savings from Phase 1 and Phase 2 network rationalization when full-up.

Key facts about network rationalization

 Like any successful organization, the Postal Service understands it must make operational changes to adapt to meet the changing needs of the American public. The fact is that U.S. Mail is changing. There are now fewer letters and considerably more packages, and the network must reflect that.

With major volume decreases in First- Class Mail, the Postal Service has significant excess capacity in its network and can’t sit idly by and do nothing. The Postal Service firmly believes that the operational changes being implemented are necessary. In the process, the Postal Service has sought to minimize impact to customers and employees.

Making these changes will enhance the viability of the organization and its ability to continue providing service in the future.

USPS service standards will change starting in January 2015

Package Services and Priority Mail will not be affected

Single-piece First-Class Mail volume, the product most affected by Phase II, has declined 53 percent in the past 10 years. This mail consists largely of personal correspondence, bill payments, greeting cards, etc. When sent locally, it is currently delivered within one day. Beginning in January 2015, this mail will be delivered in two days.

Single-piece First-Class Mail volume, the product most affected by Phase II, has declined 53 percent in the past 10 years. This mail consists largely of personal correspondence, bill payments, greeting cards, etc. When sent locally, it is currently delivered within one day. Beginning in January 2015, this mail will be delivered in two days.

Package Services and Priority Mail® will not be affected and will be delivered based on current service standards. This includes most medications and small business shipping.

Network rationalization has resulted in no bargaining unit layoffs. There will be a methodical transition for employees in the affected mail processing facilities.

USPS also has quietly changed consolidation schedule for nearly all of the plants. The first round of consolidations for more than one plant  originally scheduled in January 2015 is now April 2015.

Changing service standards and right-sizing the Postal Service’s processing and retail infrastructure are necessary aspects of a larger comprehensive plan designed to reduce overall operating costs by $20 billion by 2017, return the Postal Service to financial stability and help ensure the future of the nation’s mail system.


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  1. Hickory dickory dock, Donnahu has run out the clock, done away with tour one, when our service was second to none, reduced our service standards for fun, Snickering, Dickering and Dumb?

  2. U people are amazing…get your head out of the ass of Obama…he has been in charge for 6 years….stop blaming republicans for his mistakes…Obama wants this too happen, 5 day delivery too. So all u stupid liberal democrats wake up because America is pissed. He had full control for two years and only passed obamacare which is a disgrace, so stop saying republicans are blocking him. The house passed more bills than the senate did but Harry Reid did nothing. Wake up people he is ruining his country. We are worse then we were 6 years ago…hey liberals when you see Jimmy Carter with a smile you know Obama really sucks…

  3. yeah now you have Republican to blame. Elect Obama again. Democrats were in control what did they do to fix the postal service. Obama’s executive order is for only immigration and friday additional holiday for government employees except postal workers. What a shame.

  4. Really??? because the PO decided to close some plants and now it will take an extra day for a letter to be delivered, the PO is in “a death spiral”? we are going to drive business away according to the unions?? where else are people going to send their mail through? UPS? FedEx? anybody really going to pay their rates to deliver a bill payment? .49 is still dirt cheap even if it takes an extra day

  5. So Congress does nothing, management refuses to listen to anybody, and craft people will get relocated, or quit because they don’t want to leave their home towns, which is what the Service hopes will happen, if early outs are offered, there will be no incentive or an insulting one. Then the customers will feel the ignorance first hand as it takes longer to get their mail, medicine, etc.
    If somebody can explain to me how reducing access to our products is good for the life of the USPS, then that person is a genius. Congress could and should have forced the Service in a quick bill to not close any plants, but most of them, including rat fink Carper don’t give a shit about the fate of the USPS either. Only because millions of customers are speaking out trying to retain services is anybody even going through the motion of listening.
    The Service will be around for a long time, but the era of well paid real professionals delivering the mail is fast ending. When I started in 1984, we were told, and we believed, we were important as handlers of mail and keeping the country connected, and we were drilled on accuracy and dependability.
    Well, the new crop of CCA’s are not taught how to mark up mail, forward it or told that accuracy is tantamount. It’s all run, run, run, ignore the phone, pay them low wages that don’t do anything to keep them here, according to management thinking. Some CCA’s do quite well, some are terrible and have no concept or interest in getting the right mail into the right box.
    We’re headed for a Wal-Mail system of flunkies and other low lives handling our mail, and while one might complain about their old mailman, when we’re out in the next 2 to 5 years the public will be screaming for us old farts to come back. Sorry – I’m out in two years and I won’t be able to hear you. Just glad the USPS doesn’t handle retirement.

    • The democrats had control of the house, senate and the white house and did nothing, so what is your point?

  6. If I lose my job with the USPS.. I’ll get some crappy minimum wage job, move to the projects, eat at the local soup kitchen, and drink cheap beer everyday! Exactly what the Republicans want for everyone!!

  7. 2.1 billion in cost savings is just a number Donawhore throws out there with no complete study done to back up his claim, a study that management did commission was killed by them when it was showing minimal cost savings and the resulting lost revenue would wipe out those savings Donawhore is claiming. Sad that the PRC refuses to do their job and stop this and have a thorough study done.

  8. first class down 53% in the last 10 years….so at this rate at the end of the next ten years we will have a -3% of first class mail? seriously??

  9. Hey, Last Patriot last time I looked the Republicans were obstructing any and everything they could! What has the President been able to do? Not much because of the REPUBLICANS! So lets see how much better it gets for the middle class working person come Jan 2015 when your” buddies” get control of almost everything.
    You would do yourself some good if you stopped getting your information from FAUX news and Rush Limbaugh! And it was REPUBLICANS who got the poison pill
    Bill passed to start the downfall of the USPS back in 86! Management thinks that by privatizing the PEOPLES Postal Service they will have a big payday coming all at the expense of the American public!

    • Now that is the comment of an idiot. Your union keeps telling you thazt BS and you keep swallowing it. Your boy had 2 years of complete control and only took more money from idiots doing nothing but ruining the health care system. Over the last 4 years the GOP house has passed many bills but your boy has his boy Harry sitting on nearly 400 he will not bring to a vote in the senate. Do NOT blame the Republicans — you voted for and paid for the boy and his minions that are the hold up of every thing. Also, they all must believe the self-serving union demands are not in the best interest of the US.

  10. Yes, Congress is all for themselves and their “caring for their people” is gone! WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO VOTE TO CHANGE THE WAY THINGS ARE BEING DONE IN DC INCLUDING THEIR PAY! We are the ones paying their payroll!

  11. These Moron’s in charge have no clue……a bunch of H.S drop out running the place. Every day we are told something different from day to day . They plan on moving jobs by two hours, then they tell us they are abolishing them, and then they correct themselves and they are telling Maintenance employees they are leaving there hrs. alone to see how it works out. Starting from top to bottom this organization is clueless and it seems they do there own thing from one location to another, nobody on the same page. Wow! what a way to treat and disrupt your workforce……Stupid is a s stupid does………..

  12. All this is happening while the Democrats are still in power… Thanks unions and liberals for helping Obamanation… He has got us right were he wants us… Dependent on government… Last stop all our money so you are powerless to do anything but serve the anointed one…

    • Last “Patriot” – Yeah this stinks that Democrats are letting this happen. I am disappointed. However, do you honestly think that we’d be better off if the Republicans were in charge? Issa, Coburn, Chaffetz and clan would love nothing better than to cut your pay, benefits, insurance and retirement (if not totally privatize).

      So, what make you the Last Patriot, anyway? Did you call Sean Hannity and tell him what a great guy he is and the he called you a true patriot? I guess if you’re the Last Patriot I won’t lose any sleep when they are extinct.

  13. All while DemocRATS still control everything… This is all part of the Obamanation bigger gubbamint plan… Why can’t you darn liberals see this…

  14. And there you have it folks. Our elected leaders have sat on their asses and have allowed PMG Donahoe to dismantle damn near the entire USPS Network. I’m speechless!!!!!!

    • You are really shocked that this happened? Congress has its worst approval rating in it’s entire history and you honestly expected these people to help us?

      The days when Congress did what is best for the public are gone! The day’s when congress does what is best for big corporate America are sadly here forever. Simply put Congress is owned by the corporations who fund these people into office.

      Sad sign of the times but that is fact.

    • yeah, i am speechless also at this comment:

      “dismantle damn near the entire USPS Network.”

      Really?? You mean we can’t deliver to most addresses anymore? Really?

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