USPS, NALC Sign Agreement to convert 6,000 PTF carriers to full time, hire 3,400 TEs

From the National Association of Letter Carriers:

The NALC and USPS have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding which will alleviate some of the staffing issues in many delivery units by providing for a) the conversion of over 6,000 part-time flexible city letter carriers to full-time regular, b) the filling of vacant residual CC-01 and CC-02 positions that are not withheld for Article 12, and c) the limited authorization to hire an additional 3,400 bargaining unit transitional employees. PDF


USPS, NALC Sign MOU to convert 6,000 PTF carriers to full time, hire 3,400 TEs

8 thoughts on “USPS, NALC Sign Agreement to convert 6,000 PTF carriers to full time, hire 3,400 TEs

  1. Does anyone know how this will affect all the clerks that were excessed into the carrier craft? I was excessed from the clerk craft in 2009 to the carrier craft as a city carrier. There are PTF city carriers in my office that have been PTFs for at least 10 years. I have 20 service years, but since I was excessed into the carrier craft, will their seniority supercede mine?

  2. Wow, I have been trying to find a residual T-6 position for over two years now. The last JRAP did away with my position and in the abolishment letter they stated that they would find me another level 2 position since I am a disabled Vet and they can’t assign me to a level 1 position. Wonder why I was not offered one of these 1250 positions? I wrote the District Manager a letter requesting a transfer to an office that had an open position and of course, never received a reply. Guess it needs to get to the congressional level before anyone will respond.

  3. 2 FTR carriers retired in our office within the last 2 yrs.; been on with-holding (Hold down), since; for each of the 2 city routes; as PTF. Printed recent MOU; gave copy to City 1 carrier (also PTF), and discussed with OIC (his last day is Fri. 10-12-2012). OIC informed me that NALC from Birmingham had called a couple of days ago, asking if we had any vacancies. His response was “yes one, City 2” which is my route. Not a 40 hr. work week, even with 6 days; but yes in fact is considered the only vacancy. Our junior PTF is on City 1, which prior to FTR’s retirement a 40 hr. week, and currently overtime for the 6 days my dear friend works. There are so many ways this scenario could play out; in essence, I am requesting very brief guidelines, instructions, and directives as we approach such a very sensitive event; converting PTFs.

  4. they could hire a lot more IF they would get off their duffs and offer the carriers an early out like everyone else has been offered

  5. it’s about time. the postal service should be looking to cut overtime and creating routes with consistant delivery times. the past couple years this has been impossible to acheive. i just cannot understand why it takes our bus. leaders so long to recognize an issue and actually fix it. as a retired postmaster i can tell you that the fss program will not help us financailly until the flat volume returns…..which may never happen. good luck everybody.

    • Charlie, the ONLY thing FSS has done is increase our street times by 1 hour, while lowering office time by 20 minutes. Where’s the savings? It also removed any possibility of supervisors managing our route. There is NO way to curtail anything, as the plant puts all the carrier routed, and even walk sequence mailings into the FSS. The FSS machines have problems with the thin walk sequence mailings, and completely ruins them (no longer in any order) making the carrier case the run, instead of taking it on the side. Some dated runs show up in the tub mail days, even weeks late. Most show damage from the FSS machine.
      The biggest cause of overtime in the USPS, is the USPS. If they would simply hire enough carriers, and properly train them (something they refuse to do anymore), OT (and double time) would go way down. Maybe this MOU will help, but my postmaster is dragging her feet, telling us she has to wait, blah blah blah. We have 2 T-6 in with-holding, and actually added 1 more T-6 into the mix very recently.
      …I wish us all luck.

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