USPS names Cochrane Acting CMSO, Miskanic Acting CIO

USPS names Cochrane Acting CMSO, Miskanic Acting CIOToday, Postmaster General Megan Brennan announced two new detail assignments to the USPS Executive Leadership Team, which consists of eight members.

  • Jim Cochrane will serve as Acting Chief Marketing and Sales Officer (CMSO). With over 40 years of experience, Jim’s understanding of customer requirements, combined with a well-rounded business acumen, will enable him to better position the U.S. Postal Service in today’s marketplace.
  • Randy Miskanic will serve as Acting Chief Information Officer (CIO). Randy will continue the advancement of new mail intelligence, engineering systems, information technology systems, payment technology, and corporate information security to meet the changing needs of today’s marketplace.These changes will allow us to fully leverage the Postal Service’s core strengths and continue our long-term strategies for the future.

Jim Cochrane is the current Chief Information Officer

Randy Miskanic, previously Secure Digital Solutions VP, is the current Chief Information Security Officer and Digital Solutions VP. Miskanic is also the USPS official who defended the delay in notifying postal workers of a data breach last year.


3 thoughts on “USPS names Cochrane Acting CMSO, Miskanic Acting CIO

  1. Wow, if people only knew the Jim Cochrane of yesterday. Came a long way from anti-management party person at DVD in New Jersey.

  2. And anybody still wonders what’s wrong with management? Instead of prosecuting one of the people responsible for not revealing the cyber attack last year, Miskanic gets a promotion! Once you’re in the good ol’ boy circle, you are safe and are surrounded by other corrupt officials just like you, making it impossible to be honest because you know damn well that the only way to survive is to look the other way so your own pathetic behavior isn’t exposed.
    My brother is a new victim to this kind of mentality. In his place of business, a manufacturing plant, where he worked for 27 years, his immediate boss royally fucked up a lot of things, lost thousands in revenue and piss poor record keeping, and then quit without notice. My brother had been trying to tell somebody at the home office/factory in a different state what was going on, but instead they sent a prick from the inside circle who decided to make a name for himself by forcing my brother to retire or be fired even though everybody knew the culprit was the asshole who quit, but had “friends”. So, at 50, he gets a two month buyout and a meager pension at 591/2, but what does he do now? He was a very good worker and supervisor, but wasn’t in that fucking good old boy network and they needed a patsy. I understand others are going to get treated much much worse.
    But the plant he was at was non-union, being in a right to work redneck state. A union would have seen to it he could have had a good living wage that would have made it unnecessary to get into management just to pay the bills. He would have been able to fight this horseshit that goes on all over the country every fucking day as worthless piece of shit managers ruin employees’ lives to protect their own sorry asses.
    But there are still so many out there who say we don’t need organized labor. I don’t want anybody to skate for an entire career hiding behind their locals and doing nothing – reform is needed, including the USPS craft. But without unions, you are at the mercy of your employers, and regardless of the job you’re doing, you can get fired just because some dickhead decides to be a tyrant. One piece of shit ruining lives forever.
    You folks who are on lower levels of supervision or management just to make a living and are not in the good ol’ boy clique are not my target. You suffer as much as anybody. But for all management in any business that runs like this company my brother worked half his life for, hear this: I hate you with a passion. You are horrible pieces of shit, and get where you are by stomping on anybody who gets in your way, and sucking dick of those ahead of you. Management at the upper levels again, in any business, are the shit stains on the ass of the universe.

  3. Craft positions slashed nationwide.

    Small office postmaster jobs have their hours slashed or eliminated.

    Plants closed nationwide.

    L’Enfant Plazas sacrifice ?

    Absolutely nothing.

    These prime examples of overpaid and under worked jobs, that contribute NOTHING to the movement or delivery of the mail, should have been abolished, instead of filled.

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