USPS National Plan to change Postal Employees work schedules starting in January 2015

Several months ago Postal Reporter contributor Don Cheney reported:

The Future of USPS mail delivery: “The First-Class Mail and Standard Mail streams are being combined at the remaining plants. David Williams said their goal is to Delivery Point Sequence as much letter and flat mail to the carriers as possible. Their mission is to reduce carrier hours and jobs as much as possible. One good change is that many mail processing clerks will have daytime hours.


Well, USPS is moving ahead with plans to implement changes starting  January 10,2015. Here is one example:

USPS National Plan to Eliminate Tour 1 starting in January 2015:

This is a National Plan

The “Realignment” deals with three parts, changing service standards to end overnight and add a day for most first class mail, closing 82 more plants, and changing times and tours for mail processing. The only way this can be stopped is if Congress stops the changes being made to service standards. 50 U.S. Senators and 160 U.S. Representatives in Congress have signed a letter against the changes but no postal legislation has been passed due to Congressional gridlock. The results of the midterm election will impact us one way or the other and we hope things don’t get worse for us in 2015. The four postal unions are working together to hold a National Day of Action on November 14th from 12 noon to 4 pm at the Carol Stream P&DC. I want to thank Palatine NPMHU Branch President Morris for mentioning the Day of Action in her floor letter. The APWU and NPMHU have the most to lose if 82 more plants close and take 15,000 of our jobs away. Carriers support the Day of Action and we support them in the fight to preserve six day delivery.

Palatine Realignment Meeting on 11-3-14

We met on 11-3-14 with In-Plant Support Manager Esther Smith and In-Plant Support Specialist Gail Towner. Present for the Union were myself, VP Elerby. and 600 CCD Lloyd. The staffing plans they gave us for Automation show tour 2 going from 16 bids at 0500 to 100 bids starting at 0800, and tour 3 going from 41 bids at 1300 to 100 bids starting at 1600. Tour 1 Automation will be staffed by PSEs and go from 118 Bids to 0. Their staffing plan was based on a data fed into a program called RPG scheduler. The matrix we were given has no Sunday Monday, no Tuesday/Wednesday, and no Thursday/Friday bids, which means employees with those NS days will lose their bids. It seem that every time management makes major changes they compound the disruption by changing the NS days. The 2010 changes for the AMP eliminated SIS bids and added S/M bids and now in 2014 they are eliminating S/M and adding more S/S bids.

USPS Moving Ahead with Tour Changes…

The Plant Managers of Carol Stream and Palatine have informed us they were given the go-ahead on 10-23-14 to proceed with plans to realign tours based on the elimination of most overnight service for First Class Mail. USPS put these changes on hold for the last year but are now moving forward with plans to change mail processing from a tour l/tour 3 window to a tour 2/tour 3 window. The plan is to start letter automation at 0800 and start tour 3 at 1600. Tour 1 Automation will run only a few machines which will probably be staffed by PSE Clerks. PSEs will probably have two days off after the tour changes are made. Palatine will post more Manual bids for IPP and Low Costs #1 and #3. Carol Stream Plant Mgr. Mike Kotula said he will be ready to discuss the specifics of the changes later in November and Palatine Plant Manager Quintin Mayberry said he will meet with us in late November to discuss Palatine changes.

Jackie Engelhart – President – APWU Northwest Illinois Area Local

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  1. I have been a postal clerk employee for the past 26 years. I am in the union, but I do support the new system of making more tour 2 jobs. I am now a window clerk with Sunday/Tuesday off on tour 2. Being a window clerk is the only way I can get a tour 2 job with split days. I would rather be in the plant but even with 26 years in I can not get a Saturday or Sunday off day. I thank this is a good thing because it helps more clerks have daytime hours and keeps the tour 1 clerks from having a hard time staying awake on their drive home after their shift.

  2. i noticed one persons comment saying that it would be more weekend off day jobs. In our Peoria plant, we were told that the majority of the jobs would be 12:00-8:30. This is in no way conducive to a family life. This all just sucks. I bid a tour one job because it works for my family. I am able to go to all my children’s school stuff and make all their appt after school. Noon to 8:30 is an impossible shift.

  3. 15,000 always seems to be the magic number when they are about to offer a RIF to employees. Also more day jobs with weekends off means a better home life as many will have the same schedule as the private sector. Granted many depend on the sunday and night differential and overtime pay but knowing that this day was coming they should have weened themselves from their dependence on them.

  4. Yet another example of an unnecessary “solution” to a problem that doesn’t exist. The idea that cutting service standards will improve anything about our business is just stupid. Have they already forgotten that USPS made an operational profit last year? Pre-funding is the problem, not Tour 1 Automation. And the public just eats this up: “I heard you guys are going out of business because you’re broke.”

  5. folks this is a classical case of what happens when a company becomes corrupt and bankrupt…..the foundation caves in and the house falls down. lost over 70 billion since 2009 with the current 100,000 plus po mismanagement(talk about padding the payroll)…….how long do you really think you can lose 1 billion a month and not effect things. factoid, before Pan American Airlines went under it was losing 1 million per month. check out yahoo finance…….UPS $108 a share FDX $ 179 a share yeah, yeah, thats the ticket! you better hope the republicans do something-can not go on this way forever. maybe they think the criminal illegal alien given green cards can replace po workers for 5 bucks an hour…….pres ebola is not a friend of the postal worker.

  6. haven’t had a decent christmas/thanksgiving in years. i miss that! tired of what i see, hear & encounter each day at this facility. who’s sleeping with the boss next !! union is useless, one-sided & extremely political. i call this place: the zoo, circus, loony bin & correctional facility. tired of watching postal propaganda saying all MHA’s will be converted – union would never allow it. i love the work but most of the people really SUCK!!! mean, lazy, just evil at times. i’m thankful i have a few good friends & see some smiling faces. cutting our hours recently also. get rid of the good workers or cut their hours – that makes terrible sense since christmas is coming soon. last year we didn’t have enough equipment – they did nothing. can’t wait for the holiday to be over

  7. All those 204B who just mad supervisor will be out the door to preserve the senior. Expect a lot more excessing. The Unions need to know how to handle “Outside the Commuting Area” OPM rules. Right now they are clueless on this issue.

  8. Amazing! The day we celebrate veterans the largest employers of Veterans declare their lives and the lives of fellow postal employees will be turned upside down. And don’t get me started on how America will suffer if Congress doesn’t step up and put an end to this consolidation/closure foolishness. We have too many alternative ways to produce revenue than to use the termination or release of employees to increase profits. Goldenone….

    • But in mid-winter that will mean getting on the road almost before the sun is up. How many customers will want to answer the door in case of a Certified letter at 8:15 AM? My old route had many businesses that open at 10 AM. The route would have to be rearranged to do the businesses last or at least later. And I think most customers would not like it a bit. This is another case of “more postal, less service”.

  9. If they do this correctly all the mail the carriers deliver will be ready to be cased the night before. The carriers could start at 6AM and be on the road by 8AM and off the clock at 2:30. Even with 2 hours OT you would not be out in the dark. Sounds to good to be true doubt it will happen.

  10. it sounds good, but at what COST? I hope the general public and politicians know and realize the sacrifices we (employee,s and supervisors)make with all the nights and overnight ,holidays ,lousy days off, forced holidays,ETC.

  11. Whine, whine, whine. Whiners only alternative is more employees and more money. Needless to say those days are over. Thank your boy Obie for keeping the economy in the toilet which helped volumes be flushed with it. You know, the boy you fools gave money to and voted for! What has he done for you?

  12. You know winter’s here when management decides to push starting times back like they did in my office to make it harder to finish before dark. Is this just for yuks or are they really that fucking stupid to push times back during the heaviest volume of the year through December? It’s back and forth, back and forth. I never heard of a company anywhere else where management was so inept they couldn’t even leave starting times alone. That’s what you get when you get piss poor craft people to start climbing ladders, and then unlimited corruption at the highest levels where the skim and embezzlement run rampant under a mountain of paper that no investigator could possibly wade through in a lifetime.
    We aren’t as stupid and clueless as managers think we are – we just don’t the access to prove what we have experienced for years, that management deliberately mishandles all manner of the service and pockets the cash they make somehow disappear. It’s either that or the highest echelon is very very stupid and I don’t believe that. Yes, there’s a lot of stupid, but it’s lower down the rung. Somebody has to be the patsy.

    • in my building they are lazy. i’ve been to 3 facilities & this one i was shocked. old, dirty, falling apart – also the employees! saw 3 with canes, i’m expecting a walker next, i work with a 70 year old that’s slow, the regulars come in when they please. the inmates run this asylum. i’m amazed the mail is gone when the night is over

  13. Then after they put the fulltime out. The Republicans will be mad of the high unemployment wages. Calling longevity employees lazy, sorry.

  14. Praying that we can INCREASE package shipping business that we will not lose 82 plants or 15,000 empoyees

  15. Notice how the diagram of this latest mgmt. fiasco, resembles a swirling toilet bowl.

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