USPS Network Consolidation Phase 2

USPS Network Consolidation Phase 2 News

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usps network rationalization

USPS Network Rationalization Phase 2 FAQS for Mailers

USPS Phase 2 Network Rationalization FAQs

APWU: Dimondstein Statement on USPS Lowering Mail Delivery Service Standards This Week

USPS moving ahead with Phase II network rationalization

USPS explanation of the Network Rationalization Service Standard Impacts

USPS closing bulk of plants starting in April 2015, postal employees retiring on VER in January

USPS moving ahead with plans to consolidate up to 82 mail processing facilities in 2015

2015 USPS Plant Consolidation Schedule Updated December 12, 2014

Omnibus spending bill retains 6-day delivery, but no provision to halt USPS plant closures

Major civil rights coalition opposes USPS consolidation plans

Senators Send Bipartisan Letter Demanding USPS postpone planned plant closings

APWU: Reps. Cummings, Lynch Are Latest to Request Moratorium on USPS Service Cuts

15 USPS Plant Consolidation Schedule Updated November 7, 2014

USPS it appears can’t make up its mind about Wausau, Wisconsin P & DF moving date.   USPS Network Rationalization Consolidation Phase II-2015-11102014

USPS changed consolidation dates for nearly all plants scheduled in 2015

and 2015 USPS Plant Consolidation Schedule Updated November 7, 2014 The graphic above shows changes for Wausau, Wisconsin P & DF in the last two weeks. Stamford P & DC reflects the other update for November 7, 2014. Now… Last month the USPS Office of Inspector General (OIG) issued a report  “Lack of Service Standard […]

The USPS plant consolidation schedule for 2015 was updated October 3, 2014
By Don Cheney The plant consolidation schedule for 2015 was updated August 13, 2014 at With the switch to 24-hour plant operations, most jobs in the gaining facilities will likely be reposted. Parking will be scarce during the tour overlaps. Maintenance people will have a big challenge keeping the machines running continuously and the floors clean.

USPS National Plan to change Postal Employees work schedules starting in January 2015

Several months ago Postal Reporter contributor Don Cheney reported: The Future of USPS mail delivery: “The First-Class Mail and Standard Mail streams are being combined at the remaining plants. David Williams said their goal is to Delivery Point Sequence as much letter and flat mail to the carriers as possible. Their mission is to reduce […]

Postal Unions Hold Joint Webinar on USPS Plant Consolidations

(September 6, 2014) The four postal unions held a joint webinar on Aug. 28 for union members at the 82 sites where plants are scheduled for consolidation or closure beginning in January 2015. The occasion marked the first time the four unions have engaged in joint training at the national level. Participants included each of […]

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  3. * Tried calling the Post Office to see where my Express mail was and found out they changed the phone number to two Jacksonville, Florida Post Offices without changing it at the facility and on-line – so when you call you get a message to hold, then it goes to busy…..

    1. Received a Priority Mail Express envelope on 10/26/2015 – I was not at home to receive the package and got the note stating to pick up the package at the post office after 10:00 AM, 10/27/2015 – I drove to the PO on 10/27 at 1:30 PM – after waiting patiently in line the teller states my package is on the truck and if I sign the slip of paper the package will be redelivered on 10/28/2015 – (did this – gave her my drivers license (1))
    2. 10/28/2015 the mail came and no Express Mail – therefore I drove to the post office again (way out of my way)
    3. 10/28/2015 (while at the PO) I asked to see the Supervisor so that I could find out what happened. The teller buzzed the Supervisor and I waited at a separate location within the PO – nobody showed up, I got back in line and told them she did not show up, they buzzed her again, I repeated this step 3 time – finally after getting in line, I simply asked if my envelope was there.
    4. The teller looked at my ID (2) and went to the back to retrieve my envelope. And because she remembered me she said the Supervisor would be there to talk to me. I said, “I’ll just take the envelope” – this did not work she took the envelope and gave it to the Supervisor.
    5. The Supervisor put the envelope back on the shelf – came around to see me and asked for my ID (3), then she proceeded ever so slowly to retrieve my envelope and pretended to not find it – everything was in slow motion at this point. I watched her look on the shelf that she just put my envelope and finally found it.
    6. The Supervisor comes back to me and asks for my ID (4) and if my address was correct on my drivers license (?) Shen then asked me to sign a blank piece of paper (?)
    7. I admit I flung the paper back to her because I was tired of everything – I spent one hour in the Post Office, TWO trips, and 4 ID verifications – I wanted out of there with my envelope. When I flung the paper back to her, she threw me out!!!!
    8. Observation – The people working at the Post Office play a game with the customers, they want to make your experience miserable. They want to flaunt their authority/power. According to all of the people I spoke to on the phone through their Customer Service and the Tellers at the facility, nobody appeared to know what was going on with my package.
    9. Conclusion – I had to show my ID 4 time, but nobody at the Post Office wears name tags, therefore you cannot make a complaint stating better facts such as who handled your mail. I did get my envelope and I want to thank Paula, (phone) customer service. Paula was not able to help me but she at least was NICE.

  4. I am a Postal Service retiree. For the past some odd years I have participated in some international orders and lotteries in Queensland,Australia. The corporations are Global and International Services’. Somehow I believe they are a huge investment corporation channeling monies all over the world and US. My final order was December 1, 2014 a finalist in a Year of your life draw. Recently I was on the internet searching global accounts in my name and I came up with several paragraphs one pertaining to fraud and several mentioned the country Malaysia. Please find out if someone in the Postal Service can investigate this issue. I have participated in these lotteries via the US Postal Service and I am trying to get my just share in dollars. There many other issues concerned with these lotteries. I can go on and on but I’d rater make this as brief as possible. I have been a victim and was injured on the way home from work in 1995. I am a member of the Walker vs Donohoe class action and I am awaiting my scheduled payment. Please help…

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