USPS OIG Audit finds 8,541 packages scanned as “delivered” before the actual delivery occurred at New York Post Office

uspsoigUSPS OIG Management Alert – Incorrect Package Delivery Scans – James A. Farley Post Office

This management alert presents the results of our review of delayed, lost, or misdelivered packages and related insurance claims at the James A. Farley (JAF) Post Office in New York City, NY. Our objective was to assess processes for resolving complaints for delayed, lost, or misdelivered mail and insurance claims at this facility. This management alert responds to a request from Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York to review an insurance claim that was denied because the Product Tracking and Reporting2 (PTR) system showed the mailpiece as delivered.

The complainant’s insurance claim was denied based on incorrect delivery data. We reviewed the station’s scanning processes for FY 2015, and identified 8,541 packages scanned as “delivered” before the actual delivery occurred. Postal Service guidance requires carriers to perform “stop-the-clock” scans at the point of delivery. Our broader review of scanning processes and data at this delivery unit also identified 118 instances of manual entries and 28 instances of entries keyed into scanners, which could indicate malfunctioning equipment. Finally, personnel used Intelligent Mail Devices (IMD) instead of the MDD scanners for 3,639 scans at the station (see Table 1). The IMDs were used because in FY 2015 the station did not have enough MDDs scanners for all routes. However, according to management in FY 2016 the station received additional MDD scanners sufficient for all routes. IMD scans may increase the likelihood incorrect delivery scan data is reported in the PTR system, because IMDs do not provide the scan time and location that the MDDs provide

Per New York District officials, this facility has a local memorandum of understanding with the National Association of Letter Carriers to allow walk-out delivery routes to only carry parcels (packages) less than 2 pounds or smaller. All other parcels will be delivered by a vehicle assignment. The scanner event code “Out for Delivery” automatically occurs 10 minutes after the Distribution Complete (DC) Scan is completed by clerks, who then distribute letters and flats to each route. However, this facility’s parcel post operation is completed much earlier with those carriers already on the street performing deliveries. This delivery unit produces “Delivered” scans prior to the DC scan, daily. This creates the impression of a suspicious scan since this mail would also receive a delivered scan prior to the DC scan.12

In addition, in FY 2015, we noted 8,918 “stop-the-clock” scans occurred after 7 p.m., indicating a high risk of falsified delivery scans, because carriers usually return to the delivery unit before 7:00 p.m. These scans included 8,064 by carriers, 141 by clerks, and 686 by supervisors. We found that of these 8,918 “stop-the-clock” scans, 6,901 were actual scans, and 35 were manual, while 1,982 were keyed into the scanner. Carriers and clerks are primarily responsible for performing “stop-the-clock” scans (see Table 2).

In fiscal year (FY) 2015, the JAF Post Office delivered 39 million pieces of mail on 79 delivery routes using 101 city carriers. Also, in FY 2015, the Postal Service received 3,079 complaints of misdelivered and undelivered mail at the JAF Post Office, a 14 percent increase from FY 2014.


We recommend the manager, New York District:
1. Reinforce to delivery unit managers and carriers the importance of adhering to scanning guidelines.
2. Ensure supervisors maintain oversight and monitor carrier scan performance in delivery operations.

For Table 2, management agreed with the OIG that scans performed after 7:00PM for parcels, should be delivered prior to 7:00PM. During FY 2016, the district implemented several new strategies, as well as obtained additional resources to improve this indicator.
USPS OIG Audit at James A. Farley Post Offic(PDF)

14 thoughts on “USPS OIG Audit finds 8,541 packages scanned as “delivered” before the actual delivery occurred at New York Post Office

  1. Postal Circus Bureaucrats doing what Bureaucrats do………fcuk up and soil their depends!

  2. Management tried to give me a letter of warning for not scanning a parcel on my day off! In the 70’s an arbitrator once ruled in a case that “management has every right under article 35 to mismanage.” Things never change. Management is fun to laugh at!

  3. Lets see here. They tell you never to input a scan just to stop the clock on a package. They also tell you that you cant go home until all the Amazons have cleared. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what has been going on here. Maybe a few OIG agents who have extra secret training. Heck even Old Bill myself could have told you about why all the BS scans. They should of asked me.

  4. As a clerk I was accussed of scanning box distribution late…..turns out we had a new scanner from back east and the time was not reset…so my scan at 655 AM showed on the magic report at 855AM….LATE

  5. This was going on everywhere! Now missthrown packages are scanned “attempted” and never leave the office until the next day.

  6. These scans are most likely done before actually delivery because postmasters and supervisors want to stay off of reports…it not about customer service its about looking good for management

  7. We all knew what was going on and its not just USPS its also UPS fedex. Numerous times I have had delivery scans and item didn’t show up for a day or two its all about bonues for the supervisors and managers and for employees getting your supervisor off your back. The big lie

  8. What a mess. It just becomes more and more aggravating as we have to put up with new technology that management ballyhoos and then in their usual style can’t figure out how to operate it properly and go after the craft for screw ups that were created by those issuing the discipline. I have received as a letter carrier one letter of warning in my 31+ years of carrying mail for “failure to scan MSP points”.
    Here’s the real story, just to show you how management all too often refuses to accept responsibility for anything. The previous scanners were terrible. They did not hold their charges, didn’t scan half the time, and ran out of battery power before the carrier could finish the route. My scanner in the first part of December started dying and the last two MSP’s wouldn’t show up as the scanner was designed to dump that data to save Express mail data.
    I reported this to my supervisor and the OIC. Every day. Bear in mind it wasn’t random MSP points. It was always the last two. They said, “yes, they’re malfunctioning” and just do what we could. Well, District, in their infinite wisdom decided the best way to address these dying scanners was to order offices to write letters of warning to all carriers whose scanners were dying.
    I was still the branch president and had to file 12 grievances for this harassment. I was going to file a harassment grievance too, but suddenly after catching wind I was going to go after them like stink on shit, they suddenly had a change of heart and removed the letters.
    So it would be in total management character to try to discipline employees for following the instructions they were given. I’ve been chewed out for coming in 20 minutes sooner than DOIS predicted. I had seen stupid before, but get an ass chewing for doing better than expected just so the damn estimates would show how smart management was?
    This is what we’re fighting every day. When will these incompetent sadistic jerks be held accountable? Not any time soon, I can promise you that.

  9. THIS issue goes on everywhere. Management orders employees
    to pre-scan packages to improve their scores. Illegal, immoral
    tools and thugs all of them. FIRE THEM ALL

  10. our you kidding me ?this is the first time the OIG has reported this carriers are burdened with time restraints get back before 5 o’clock or else naturally they’re going to look for ways to save street time. As long as the attitude of pressuring carriers and the PO not willing to provide an atmosphere of unity,they will do what’s necessary to get by.They’re not the only ones to blame I can remember Priority Parcel coming into the office and when getting ready to load them I was told to leave them because of mail volume that day and they wanted us back on time.I was told the only Priority was getting them from one office to another after that there’s no time limit for delivery.

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