USPS OIG using ‘Birkman Method’ for improving staff people skills

USPS OIG using 'Birkman Method' for improving staff people skills

5/6/16 From Reader:

The USPS OIG Chief Data Office is conducting some touchy-feely seminars this month for their staff using the Birkman Method., a workplace psychological assessment.

The Birkman Method® is a scientifically developed, multi-dimensional assessment designed to help you achieve more at work and at home. It integrates behavioral, motivational and occupational data together to predict behavior and work satisfaction across situations. The Birkman Method is the personality assessment for improving people skills and aligning roles and relationships for maximum productivity and success.

Common Uses for The Birkman Method®
  • Coaching (life / business)
  • Leadership development
  • Team building
  • Career management
  • Outplacement
  • Hiring / Selection
  • Conflict management
  • Career counseling
  • Relationship counseling
  • Retirement planning

Meanwhile, the workplace climate at the U.S. Postal Service has gone to hell.  I wonder what your readers think of this Birkman Certified Organization Development Initiative?

 The Chief Data Office (CDO) is a newly established component within the OIG, and is comprised of four directorates. The Chief Data Officer intends to shift the culture to one that is built upon trust, respect, team, and leveraging people’s strengths. Both group and individual work is needed in order to help create culture change at all levels of the organization. The Birkman Method will be leveraged to the fullest extent in assisting people to learn more about themselves, about others in the component, and in empowering supervisors to tailor their leadership styles to each individual staff member’s needs. The Birkman Method is central because of its unique ability to integrate behavioral, motivational, and occupational data together to predict behavior and work satisfaction across situations. By measuring usual behavior, needs, stress behaviors, interests and motivations, management styles, and ideal work environments, the Birkman Method aligns individuals’ roles and relationships for maximum productivity and success.  This method is critical to the CDO’s efforts.

5 thoughts on “USPS OIG using ‘Birkman Method’ for improving staff people skills

  1. A long time ago, there was TA-Transactional Analysis – to teach self improvement, how to get along with co-workers, how to reach your full potential and changing the way you were brought up so to speak. Re-winding the tape of your life and starting anew. The emphasis was on the “I” message and not so much involving the other person “you”. The training emphasized how to communicate with the other person but letting them know how their behavior adversely affected you but from the “I” position, preventing confrontational behaviors. That is my description of how it worked. It is really difficult to tell someone who has harmed you how “I” feel. You usually want to jump all over the aggressor and tell them where to get off, not express how “I” feel.

  2. As usual the Postal Service gets it backwards. You need to psychologically test these animals before they get into management to weed out the psychos.

    Only problem is you probably couldn’t find enough psychologically fit candidates to fill the management ranks…that’s why they don’t drug test these candidates either.

  3. Just a waste of time and money. The Postal Service doesn’t have any intention of ever treating it’s employees with respect. You must ask yourself why is every time someone in management screws up, the management employee is promoted to higher level?

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