USPS ordered to reinstate Postal Worker/Vet, pay 14 yrs. of back pay, fees

Sgt. Maj. Richard Erickson, a Special Forces member wrongly fired by the U.S. Postal Service while on an operation in 2000, is entitled to reinstatement plus 13 years of lost pay and benefits, a federal board ruled Monday

Sgt. Maj. Richard Erickson, postal worker, veteran wrongly fired by USPS while on an operation in 2000, is entitled to reinstatement plus 14 years of lost pay and benefits, MSPB ruled Monday

Richard Erickson, a distribution Clerk was removed from his position at Fort Myers Processing and Distribution Center (Fort Myers, Florida). Erickson filed an MSPB appeal under Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 (USERRA), asserting that he was improperly removed because of his military service and requesting that he be reinstated. The MSPB administrative judge (AJ) found that USPS violated USERRA by removing Erickson from his position but nevertheless denied him any relief. The AJ’s decision was based on the determination that Erickson subsequently waived his reemployment rights under USERRA by abandoning his civilian employment in favor of a military career. MSPB  denied Erickson’s appeal TWICE and the Court of Appeals has remanded this case back to MSPB TWICE.  Read on….see previous background on this case

7 Years of Litigation Poised to Yield 14 Years of Back Pay, Benefits, Attorney Fees, and Retirement Enhancements

The Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) on Tuesday refused to let the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) wiggle out of a Judge’s December 2012 order to retroactively reinstate and provide 14 years of back pay and benefits to one of the highest ranking Army Special Forces (commonly called “Green Berets”) Non Commissioned Officers, whom the Postal Service unlawfully removed in 2000 solely because of his military service and in violation of the federal law called the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA).

In denying the Postal Service’s appeal, the Board dismissed their argument that the highly decorated veteran should not be entitled to reinstatement as relief for the agency’s discriminatory firing of him because of his courageous military service. The Board noted that the Post Office was wrong in its interpretation of USERRA, and by correctly providing full relief to Sergeant Major Richard Erickson it has bolstered the foundation for what will likely be one of the of the largest awards in an employment discrimination case against the Postal Service and the federal government.

The Board’s latest decision in Erickson v. U.S. Postal Service centered on service members’ protections against discrimination based on military duty under USERRA. It marked another victory for Sergeant Major Erickson, whose service in Afghanistan earned him three medals for combat distinguished valor and the Purple Heart for combat injuries. With this latest decision, he stands to receive millions of dollars in back pay, benefits, attorney fees, and retirement enhancements.

Since 2007, MSPB administrative judges have twice ruled on the case (2007, 2012) and Tuesday’s decision marked the Board’s third ruling (2008, 2010, 2013). Two of those Board decisions were prompted by remands from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (2009, 2011) making this one of the most litigated cases of military discrimination in federal government history.

More than 2,650 days – or more than seven years and three months – have passed since Sergeant Major Erickson filed his initial appeal with the MSPB in September 2006. Throughout that time, Tully Rinckey PLLC, a service-disabled, veteran-owned small business, has not asked for nor received a penny from Sergeant Major Erickson for its representation of him despite incurring hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal and litigation costs.

In this latest victory for Erickson, the Post Office filed a petition for review (PFR) in January 2013 about a December 2012 Judge’s decision in Erickson’s favor. In the PFR, the Post Office opposed Sergeant Major Erickson’s reinstatement based upon a flawed interpretation of USERRA according to the final MSPB decision. The Board gave the Postal Service 20 days to reinstate Sergeant Major Erickson and 60 days to provide him with back pay and benefits, which is long overdue to right a wrong that occurred nearly 14 years ago.

“It has been a long, hard fight for Sergeant Major Erickson to get to this point but we are very pleased that the Board has finally granted him the remedy that he justly deserves. The final step now is for the Postal Service to do the right thing by complying with the Board’s decision so we can avoid additional appeals or subsequent litigation regarding the Postal Service’s compliance. The Postal Service had voiced its concern regarding the cost of additional litigation in this matter, including as a basis for not reinstating Sergeant Major Erickson after the administrative judge’s decision a year ago, and we hope that concern will be reflected in their efforts to fully and promptly comply with the Board’s decision and the law.” said Tully Rinckey PLLC Senior Associate Matthew D. Estes, who represented Sergeant Major Erickson before the Board during the most recent legal victory.

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  1. Even if the Postal Service files another appeal, under the Judges ruling they have just 20 days to reinstate Erickson and 60 days to begin paying compensation, they aren’t going to be able to fudge on that part of the ruling, appeal or not. Another appeal could take up to two years to litigate, USPS has already lost 3 straight ruling’s and it’s not likely to win on another appeal, and they would still have to pay Erickson’s legal fees when it’s all said and done. If offered his job back Erickson could show up for work for 1 day and simply resign (or retire if he’s eligible) and still collect all his legal fees and back pay. My guess is he will decline the offer of reinstatement and just take the back pay and legal fees and quietly retire if he’s eligible, or simply walk away. News reports indicate that the attorney’s for Erickson are currently in negotiations with USPS to satisfy the terms of the judges ruling, so it’s possible the Postal Service higher ups will decide it’s time to cut their losses, because continuing to drag this out will only end up costing them hundreds of thousands in additional legal fees and give the agency an even bigger black eye.

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  4. This story should be printed in every mayor newspaper in America and the TALK shows should find the ones who did this unlawful act…..

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    Bill Gallagher

  5. USPS has moved from being a not for profit organization whose mission goal is to all Americans and the US Constitution to the so-called “stakeholders” consisting of mailing organizations profiting off underpaying the USPS.

    Today while politicians clothed themselves in patriotism–at the same time these politicians are working hard to eliminate middle class jobs– clearly federal and postal jobs. This is done in the name of patriotism.

    USPS management has for decades been saddled with leaders chosen by Republicans and after Democratics elect people like Clinton and Obama, USPS has been saddled with top management chosen to represent the Republican philosophy.

    So, today we have post offices with staffing reflecting Republican and Obama philosophy that cutting federal jobs is good for America.

    At the same time we have, the USPS strongly advocating big discounts for big mailers while raising postage for ordinary Americans.

    Also while rural post offices are converted to private retail stores with the misleading USPS logo that seems to promise established history of service, we have supervisors from small post offices who are in the habit of riding roughshod over contractual obligations now running higher level post offices– while enjoying free hotels, cars and some over $70 dollars for food.

    So suddenly we have small post office supervisors being tasked to supervise higher level post offices and this is supposed to be patriotic.


    USPS is in the Constitution.

    For many years USPS management promised that hiring management off the street would save the postal service. This case proves either the management was incompetent or there is need for an independent investigation of the whole USPS>

  6. Congrats S M Erickson, I’m still waiting for my check after winning my case of wrongful removal. I am a 4 year Navy vet with 24 years of postal service time,I was accused of assaulting my supervisor (who took a dive to the floor and tried to pull me on top of him while screaming don’t hit me!don’t hit me) he lied and the US Court of Appeals vacated my assault and removal,and the MSPB ruled procedural errors in my favor. 1190 days of back pay ,interest ,OT, AL, SL, and interest.20 days for my job back and 60 days for back pay.It’s been over 200 days without the check! i am working though, it’s a fight all the way, I will have 32 years on Feb.5th. Best of luck to you ,I’m still incurring legal bills!

    p.s. THE supervisor is now a PM with no consequences???
    In Solidarity TERRY

  7. I agree that some one in postal management should be fired for this huge money lost. More importantly for this embarrassment of the post office. How does this service keep in place these idiots who flaunt the law and bring shame on our buisness? Bye the way this isn’t over, the P.O. hasn’t paid. Wait and see, the same fools will try to delay and cost us more money.

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  9. Congrats sERGEANT major-You made them pay and pay big. Has the Postal Service ever won a grievance? Good job trying to not pay a Veteran who was serving our Country. Yow should be embarassed.

  10. It’s about time the Sgt. Major got what is due. Shame on the PO for sticking it to this guy for so long.

  11. Ain’t nuttin’ new ! Just ask mid 70’s Part Time Flexies ? An ear full of wrong doing ! ! Same ol’ Same ol’ ! ! !

  12. @V.Velez,
    I use to work there, back in the 90’s, and it was going on then too.
    But I thought they weeded out all those selfish union officials. Why do
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    Any thoughts from you former Des Moines and current employees from there.

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    Another things guys, you better get your finances in order and start saving your money, and stop living like you are going to be getting your now pay, for many tears to come. It is going to stop. Better start investing your money and have a game plan. The party is almost over folks. We saw this USPS situation 15 years ago, and we have saved accordingly. We have still many years to go, and even with that sever downturn in the 2007/2008 time frame, we paid off our house, our cars all have clear titles, and we both have never been hurt, so we are lucky there, and have $600,000 in various and safe accounts. Post office and it’s current pay system will not exist in 10 years, no way around that, so we both should be ok when that time comes. Why, we do not go out to eat at lunch time at the NDC, but we bring our food in, we do not have all the top TV options, or have to have to go out every weekend, nor have the trendiest clothes, and such, and you can see how much that all adds up over time…. Listen up folks, this, “bad times” are coming.
    Mark our words, some of us work hard, and some in that union office take advantage of the others that are on the workroom floor. We all know what that is all about, and no names have to be mentioned. How about one of you running for office, and then maybe more will get back into the union/’s, and maybe people will get the help they deserve when they need it, instead of sitting by, and picking and choosing the cases to fight for when approached, and all union cases are worth fighting for. Hey union people, you ever figure out why your union membership is like at, ZERO. Nobody trust you. Are you doing this job for yourself, or for the pay and job title. You should not get pay for this, not if you care about the employees. Oh, and all those perks you people in the union get, all those costly and very fun vacation you people take, all paid for by others membership dues. Time for a change people. Just takes one or two, or three to get these people out.

  14. any time you sue the po, or file a grievance for back pay you must state in writing how, when, where, how much,you are due incompensation. otherwise the rats will not pay, or delay as long as they can by saying “the administrative law judge” never stated in his award when we have to pay……..never give these snakes room to wiggle off the hook. I saw this happen time and again……..when they put me on the street because I was a shop stupid, I had judge put in award when and amount with a time limit………1 years back pay was given to me within 90 days of award. scum suckers lose again lol.

  15. And no one will be held accountable, no one will be disciplined, no one be removed. Some how some way someone will get a bonus for this travesty

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