USPS orders shutdown of GoFundMe page for New York letter carrier who lost leg

Report: USPS reportedly approved a second gofundme page

A gofundme page was created for a letter carrier who was struck by a car while on duty. According to several reports on Facebook:

…..this company has shut down the Go Fund Me page of Mailman Mike Martinez, the N. Babylon, NY mailman struck by a car while on duty, nearly killing him, mangling one leg and ripping off the other leg, 3 1/2 weeks ago. The fund was started by a close Postal friend of his and had raised thousands for him and his family. Donations came in from all over the country… The USPS cites a violation of Postal policy which states employees can neither solicit or receive gifts. Everyone’s money has been refunded. His brother posted about it, and undoubtedly Mike and family must be devasted at this news.


From NALC Truth page

About a week ago the Good Samaritan was called into a meeting with some people who identified themselves as USPS ethics lawyers. They told the Good Samaritan that he had violated ethics rules by starting up a collection for Mailman Mike. They told the Good Samaritan that he would have to refund all the money collected or he would be subject to disciplinary action. The branch president, the Good Samaritan reports, called Fred Rolando and described what was going on. Rolando, it is reported, said the money should be refunded or OIG would become involved and the Good Samaritan might be disciplined.

There’s a new GoFundMe page set up by a person who is not a postal employee. It is for the explicit purpose of helping Mailman Mike’s family, who are not postal employees.

Video: Postal Worker’s leg completely severed after being struck by car on Long Island

18 thoughts on “USPS orders shutdown of GoFundMe page for New York letter carrier who lost leg

  1. By this logic, we shouldn’t be collecting food on May 13th. Some poor underpaid cca might be going to the food shelf and benefitting from it!

  2. I’m guessing the outcome would have been different had the person been in management.

    • Correct.

      The sleaze, dishonesty, unethical and criminal behavior of mgmt. knows no bounds.

  3. What a disgrace!!! Post office management and Rolando should be ashamed of themselves. OUT YOU GO ROLANDO IN 2018!!!!

  4. Post master Brennan should look at this and do something about it. Rules are meant as guide lines not for clubs! Who ever decided to over reach on this situation should be the one disciplined.

  5. Rules are rules, finally the USPS is enforcing them??

    But it’s ok for someone to be playing on a golf league on lite duty (arm in a sling for the 4 hours a day he is here) Was reported to the OIG but nothing happened!

    Guess they pick and choose who they go after….oh this employee has been a past nark for the OIG and the Post Office.


  6. this is just one big cum bag company……………I see po mismanagement every day running mail thru automation at its highest setting, knowing full well it is going to rip the crap out of it, no cares though, nothing gets in the way of their criminal fake number counts for PFP bonus money scam. po ethics lawyers… about an oxymoron.( they had no problem with Sen Diane Feinstein and PMG Donehoe’s No Bid Real Estate Sales Contract to buy/sell/lease postal property) PO OIG another joke. Postal Inspection-in PO mismanagements pocket. I have started writing letters to AG Jeff Session’s on all the criminal activity the po mismanagement does on a daily basis……this week’s letter was about the stealing of OT from letter carriers in Virginia. any why not out these cumbags…..the union’s are company unions, no help there. the last Plant Manager we had was taking kickbacks from contractors, paving the parking lot got him a brand new driveway at his home (he cried when they did not deliver the border block-threw it in to shut him up) transferred to West Virginia instead of being fired… the criminal is in Washington DC. President Trump please sell this dump to United Parcel and Federal Express. this place needs to be investigated from top to bottom by an Independent Federal Prosecutor.

  7. This is real talk. We must be aware of the pitfalls in the USPS policy guidelines. This is also for all federal employees. Be careful.
    Further if you sue the third party be prepared to repay the USPS every dimes you received while on disability. The schedule award received is different, can’t double-dip. The agency will w/o fail get theirs from you. Be vigilant and learn the fine print meaning!

  8. This is about as mean and uncaring as you can get. Rules are rules, but that rule about accepting gifts was for regular services, not donations for a man who was horribly injured and nearly lost his life. It is a terrible act that management has pulled on this poor letter carrier. A body of people that are infamous for ignoring the contracts, fuck people out of their pay and fire scapegoats to cover their asses, ala Richmond, Virginia, forbid people to call 911 when a clerk was struck in the head by a falling parcel in Oakland and later died, and receiving “bonuses” that are not earned nor are they deserved suddenly decide to follow a “rule”?
    Luckily the Good Samaritan found a way around this despicable decision to help the letter carrier’s family, but those in management who were part of this mean and thoughtless decision should be ashamed and embarrassed. Laws are not to be picked and chosen to be followed or ignored, but just once couldn’t these assholes look the other way in the name of decency and compassion? This reeks.

    • sorry to inform you he lost both legs! Long Island, NY District is one of the most corrupt, nepotism riddled garbage dumps you will ever find in the whole USA. many people called Rep Peter King-R LI NY,(last year the Plant Mismanager had the Toys For Tots boxes removed from the Plant-one day after Rep King was called they were put back) he said he will investigate this, he is aware of the corrupt nature of the Long Island District as he has helped many Veterans who were getting screwed over.(He is a Vet) right now the 117/119 PD&C Plant is second from bottom in the country, run by a bunch of loser turd worlders=a true loser team.

      • False. Mike Martinez still has one leg. Other than that, everything you wrote is spot on.

  9. Standard postal mentally; supervisors fight with each other, embellsment, false media releases, etc. wash it under the table. When does something good for a craft person and nothing for THEM, Oh Oh No you can’t do that. This does not come out of Their pocket but, ours.

    • Lets think about this one.Mgt allows carriers to donate annual leave at almost $30.00 an hour,to carriers that have no sick leave.We are suppose to have a postal releif fund thru CFC. that would benifit this carrier.Funds are constantly being collected at our station for this and that. Rolondo’s advice sucks like his leadership.Drain the swamp with NALC Headquarters,and help the rank-in-file members that are the backbone of the USPS.

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