USPS Pilot Test To Outsource Sorting of “Non-Machineable Outside Parcels” To UPS

Pilot Test Starts 12-17-13

USPS “Testing” using UPS to Sort Outsides

On 12-11-13 I was informed by Carol Stream A/Plant Manager Colao that Carol Stream, South Suburban and the NDC will be sending their Non-Machineable Outside to UPS for sorting. Last night two UPS managers watched the Mailhandlers scanning and labeling the parcels.

Management put out the following Service Talk:

“Beginning tonight on Tow 3, December 11, 2013 the Carol Stream P&DC will be participating in a nation-wide six month pilot test involving Non-machine-able Outside parcels (NMO’s). South Suburban, the NDC and Milwaukee will also be participating in this test which will be monitored by on-site Headquarter personnel.

NMO’s, from our originating collection mail from the AO’ s (coded RDC 11,12 & 13) will be isolated and sent to a new designated scanning station located at post T11 by the NDC Break-up Area. The NMO’s will be manually scanned, a routing label will be printed and applied and the parcels will be bed-loaded onto a trailer at dock bay #28. These NMO’s will be trucked to a UPS facility in Willow Springs IL 60480 who will sort the parcels (along with the consolidated parcels from South Suburban and the NDC) on their large parcel sorting machines. The NMO’s will be sent out to the world and their destinations. On our destinating side – NMO’s coming from the world to the larger 601 towns will come thru the UPS facility and go directly to the AO’s – bypassing the plant. The smaller 601 towns will come to the plant from UPS to be dock transferred. UPS will be providing the “middle mi1e”processing for the identified NMO ‘s.

The USPS will continue to provide the first mile” collection and acceptance and the “last mile” delivery through our delivery units. Bottom line: Yes this is an outsourcing test to see if it is more cost effective to have UPS process this type of mail for us than for us to do it ourselves.

Process Operations – Service Talk – Pilot Test For Handling Irregular and Non-Machineable Outside Parcelsnmo


The NPMHU and APWU have been notified on a national and local level ”

Will Affect Palatine…

An email from Palatine Plant Mgr. Prahl states,
“This really will only impact the T-3 upper dock NMO operation and the T-1 IPP operation. This pilot test only includes parcel post NMO’s, not priority. Once we go live 12-17. NMO’s will be lumped together in one container. However, we must ensure that only NMO’s go into that container. A parcel post NMO dimension exceeds 27 x 17″ x 17” or 25 pounds. We will dispatch the NMO container to the NDC. NMO’s will be scanned and labeled by the NDC and CS and tendered to UPS. UPS will sort and dispatch these as well as all destinating NMO’s directly to delivery. This volume will no longer be sent to us from the NDC for sortation on the IPP belt. However, we will be receiving these NMO’s on Saturday mornings. UPS will drop them of on our dock by 0200. The first Saturday we will see this drop off of NMO’s from UPS is 12-21. This volume will be processed for Sat. delivery. We need to get en route scans on these parcels as we work them on the IPP belt.’

The reason given for subcontracting this work to UPS is because they have the machines to sort the Outside mail but USPS has a Universal Sorter for larger parcels at the ISC and there is talk of getting one at Busse. Headquarters wants to give to UPS to bypass manual distribution which is labor-intensive and expensive. It looks like more USPS subcontracting of work like the opening of USPS Retail Services at 81 Staples stores to be staffed by non-postal employees.

If this test is successful I’m sure USPS Headquarters will be happy to give this work to UPS.

SOURCE: APWU Northwest Illinois Local #7140, President Jackie Engelhart

16 thoughts on “USPS Pilot Test To Outsource Sorting of “Non-Machineable Outside Parcels” To UPS

  1. Interesting, since only NMO’s off of the APPS meet that criteria. SPBY dimensions are 15″ wide, below the 17″. One way or another, this should not be happening. Where are the unions on this???

  2. this is great news as my UPS stock will go up. I only ask that you include Federal Express in the trial because I would also like to see my FDX stock go up……the fact that the dopes at USPS are making them go up is just gravy. ps two UPS managers in po building……..dont let them leave lol.

  3. We had a high speed NMMO sorter called TABS at the Springfield NYC, which could do up to 5000 ppb, but it was removed and replaced by the fss. How is that working for you all.

  4. @SU,(my heroe) and to the other usps’s POS, none of you, besides SU, would i ever let wipe the dinglebeerys off my butt.NO?

    NOW, for some BREAKING NEWS, please go to the latest posted article..

  5. sankwcihes syas says:

    They will NEVER take my SANDDWICICHES.
    “Give me Life, or Give me Sandwiches !”, (but not both)..

    December 16, 2013, 11:00 am

    Keep up the GREAT work!

  6. I’ve been waiting for someting like this to happen. I believe that a FULL investigation needs to be conducted regarding the PMG. He has shuttered many plants across the country, yet, Congress allows this idiot to dismantle a service that took many years to build. Its a sad day my postal friends. It would be interesting to see how many of the USPS MEGA-processing plants are located next to a large UPS sorting facility.

  7. What does the post office do with all there trucks and stuff? We spend 2 billion dollars a year to have other people handle our mail and packages to ship it all over the place.The way this place is run I don’t understand why someone does nothing about it.

  8. Note to Edward Snowden: Please examine the PMG’s email account and divulge all that is incriminating as to who is pulling his strings and how much they are paying him.

  9. USPS EAS/mgmt continues to give business away, all the while not touching their own ranks except with growth.

    Wonder how much the pmg criminal is receiving in bribes, kickbacks, etc. for this one.

    Postal mgmt = liars and thieves, at all levels.

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  11. If only we hadnt spent so much on the fss that was going to save us…. If we are still gonna do all the hand scanning we will still be buried in work. However, the powers that be will think theyve solved the ot problem with this new idea. Itll look great on the spread sheet.

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