USPS provides 2% postage discount for mobile-linked mail

The US Postal Service will offer a 2% discount on direct mail postage from tomorrow, if it features mobile barcodes.

The Direct Mail Mobile Coupon and Click-to-Call promotion runs until April 30, 2013, and aims to encourage mailers to use their physical mailpieces to connect with mobile smartphone and Internet communications.

Emphasising the potential of hardcopy mail in the digital era, the campaign provides an upfront postage discount for mail that features coupons that can be redeemed via a mobile smartphone.

It also allows the discount for use of Click-to-Call technology – a barcode, chip or tag on a mailpiece that can be scanned by a mobile smartphone to direct a consumer to a website that features a “click to call” link or button, or a barcode that directly brings up a phone number in the user’s phone.

via USPS provides 2% postage discount for mobile-linked mail- Post and Parcel