USPS reclaims 30 infringing domain names related to change of address service

The US Postal Service has reclaimed 30 infringing domain names following an Alternative Dispute Resolution Forum Uniform Domain-Name Dispute Resolutions Policy (UDRP) decision.
According to the US Postal Service, the domain names, which all contained the words ‘US postal address’, prefixed by the word ‘change’, were “confusingly similar” to its trademark for US Postal.

Change of address scam

Change of address scam

The registrants of the domains did not respond to the US Postal Service’s allegations. Return to sender for postal domains

USPS requested that domain names be transferred from parties.

  • USPS asserted trademark rights in U.S. POSTAL and alleges that the disputed domain names are confusingly similar to its trademark.
  • USPS alleged that the parties involved had no rights or legitimate interests in the disputed domain names.
  • USPS alleged that the parties registered and used disputed domain names in bad faith.

The factual findings pertinent to the decision in this case are that:

  1. USPS uses the trademark U.S. POSTAL in connection with the provision of mail and shipping services, including change of mailing address services;
  2. the trademark U.S. POSTAL is the subject, inter alia, of United States Trademark filed September 29, 2014 and registered April 11, 2017;
  3. the disputed domain names were registered during April and May, 2017;
  4. the disputed domain names resolve to the same website which purports to offer change of mailing address services; and
  5. there is no commercial agreement between the parties and USPS has not authorized the use of its trademark or to register any domain name incorporating its trademark.

The domain names at issue:


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