USPS Recognized as 2017 Top Federal Agency for Supplier Diversity

May 18th Awards Ceremony to Take Place in New York City

uspshq2WASHINGTON — The United States Postal Service is being honored as the nation’s best among the top 25 government agencies for promoting diversity and inclusiveness in business opportunities in America. Over two million businesses voted, and USPS ranked number one for engaging in supplier diversity by providing opportunities to diverse enterprise owners. USPS will accept the top award for the sixth year in a row; this is the 16th consecutive year the agency has ranked among top agencies for this honor.

The award is bestowed by Omnikal, the largest, inclusive business organization in the country. Omnikal’s membership includes thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs in the United States, which strive to embrace inclusion to lead to corporate success. The recipients of this year’s award were determined by Omnikal’s members’ responses to questions about the quality of business initiatives implemented to include companies led by women and minorities.

“We are honored that the Postal Service has again been selected as the country’s top government agency for multicultural business opportunities,” said Supply Management Vice President, Susan M. Brownell. As an agency committed to diversity, the Postal Service focuses on partnering with diverse, innovative business partners, which ultimately contributes to the organization’s operational success.

Brownell explains, “As an essential part of our procurement strategy, supplier diversity continues to strengthen the Postal Service’s competiveness in the marketplace. We remain committed to maintain a strong, competitive, and diverse supplier base.”

As part of its efforts to retain diverse suppliers, USPS is dedicated to the promotion of supplier registration, hosting workshops, facilitating one-on-one business meetings, and posting materials online to guide business owners with the marketing of their supplies and services. This pledge to diversity and inclusion by USPS has not gone unnoticed by Omnikal, which has led the agency to be acknowledged by its peers for this esteemed honor for over a decade.

Supplier inclusion is imperative for the continued growth and brand success of the United States Postal Service. Within this growing economic sector, the Postal Service strives to empower and collaborate with diverse partners to maintain positive rapport within the business community and remain on the cutting edge of business in the 21st century.

USPS will receive the award today in New York City at the 17th Annual National Business Summit.

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  1. P.S. I better state it, that diversity is NO excuse for shoddy products and services,at inflated costs. And the cheapest bid or contract,often is NOT of the BEST qualities.

  2. just look around any post office and you will find hard working caucasians, sleeping mexicans, and lazt african americans…. what a melting pot! great job postal service!

  3. wow…what a great accomplishment. they hire any person off the street. weather they can speak english or not. no matter if they smell bad or wear a towel on their head. congrats to the u.s.p.s.!!!

  4. What Really matters,is whether the U.S .Postal Service(USPS),is the best services and produc;at the lowest cost.

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