USPS reminds postal employees of ZERO Tolerance Policy on threats and violence


USPS is reminding employees that the organization has a zero tolerance policy regarding workplace threats and violence

The Postal Service is committed to fostering a positive and safe work environment that’s free of threats, fear and violence for all employees.

To help fulfill this commitment, a Threat Assessment Team is available at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC, and in all area and district offices to respond to threats and potential violence.

Team members are trained to assess the danger or harm of threats, whether implied or direct. The goals are to reduce risks to employees and the Postal Service, discourage inappropriate behavior and resolve conflicts.

If you’ve been threatened or believe you’re in a potentially unsafe situation that involves a co-worker or supervisor — or if you’re experiencing a domestic violence situation that could pose a threat in the workplace — notify your immediate supervisor and respective Threat Assessment Team.

The zero tolerance policy and reporting procedures will be distributed by the end of March.

Report emergency situations to the Postal Inspection Service at 877-876-2455 or call 911. The Postal Inspection Service number is monitored 24/7

USPS promotes threat-free workplace

25 thoughts on “USPS reminds postal employees of ZERO Tolerance Policy on threats and violence

  1. Blah. Blah, blah, etc. Blah, blah
    Nothing happens because USPS will defend their own at all cost
    Hostile work environment is a normal operating procedure

  2. In 2004-5, while working for the USPS in north central WV, I reported multiple instances of having been sexually harassed, and intimidated, basically “stalking” by co-worker.gbk. There were multiple witnesses who were interviewed by the Threat Assessment Team (TAT). While positive evidence was clearly documented of the inappropriate behavior, no corrective action was ever issued. (I should note that prior to TAT involvment, the then mgr. of distribution issued a cease and desist order to the harasser. The order went unheeded. As such, I demanded TAT intervention. Unfortunately, the lead TAT investigator.rk was a former senior supervisor at the USPS P&D facility where I worked and the majority of abuse occurred. Consequently, the whole mess was swept under the rug! Protect the shield, I guess! So much for “zero tolerance!” After years of enduring sexual harassment, intimidation and embarrassment, I developed a career ending mental disorder and my assaulter got full retirement! Thanks USPS! ZERO TOLERANCE IS A JOKE!!! #METOO #26301

  3. That statement may be true regarding disputes between craft employees and their peers. The post office is abhorrently negligent in addressing the violence, bullying, and harassment directed at employees by management at all levels. Demeaning abuse of power that harms targets is promptly dismissed when reported and then magnified to inflict even more harm.
    The post office not only allows but encourages bullying for sport by supervisors and post masters. That statement is not an exaggeration.

  4. Funny thing about this sort of action: NOTHING IS HEARD! I had a case of a hostile work environment and got so far as a judge come in from another state to listen to my case: wouldn’t even listen to anything I had to say against Mismanagement – with over 40 Plus years service and outstanding awards for achievement and driving- when I pointed out that one Of my managers who took off for 2 months to get away from the other sorry ass Mismanager’s raft wouldn’t even stand-up for me ! Case dismissed- not one year later -the manager who wouldn’t stand-up for me then did the same shit as the other one did (by the way they relocated that manager to Texas) my NBA here where I work said I had no case! Now that same manager has between 2 to 4 eeo’s pending-( but I have no case) nothing is going to happen to these idiots- it’s all about the money! Mind over matter, they don’t mind and you don’t matter! Have a good-day

  5. saw a postal stupidvisor once get pissed off at an MDO….threw his walkie-takie at him, MOD ducked and missed a women driving a mule head by inches. 1 week suspension. six months later, around Christmas week this tool gets in a fight with a female stupidvisor and cold cox her in the jaw and goes down like asack of potatoes. 2 week suspension. now I write all this down and save the time, dates, people involved, plant manager, MDO’s etc……….so if they ever try to fire me for a minor issue with their stupis policy, my lawyer will be able to present their double standard to a labor board arbitrator. now I know I am not a sacred cow diversity king like this guy…..but hey rules are rules and equal justice under the law is what an arbitrator will look for……..the postal circus being what it is and does can never apply the rules in across the board. now you must understand at our plant 80% of violent acts are done my mismanagement…..not a one has been fired… note book file is as fat as a telephone book.

  6. They tolerate everything since the zero tolerance policy was dreamt up. From minor fist fights to felony assault. Pretty much anything goes.

  7. The so called unions should be all over this and other things (altered pay records, ie.) but instead all you hear and see them doing is being usps spokesman, wanting to force us into medicare at an additional $130/month, force us into a usps health plan, etc.

    Rolando et al are no different than mgmt and should be removed asap.

  8. Remember EEO is not there for you, not there to investigate the complaint, only there to look after the interest of the PO (in other words management). Ask yourself, who pays EEO?

  9. It is too bad that people don’t have the time to read the laws that are held up to help those most in need. The law I am referring to is the Americans With Disabilities Act.
    I have watched the ” The Music Within ” like many people. Please read the law. You will not finish the first page without knowing your rights are very limited in the workplace.

  10. Yeah right, notify your supervisor, what if the supervisor is the one violating the “zero tolerance policy”? In my facility you look at someone wrong and its “zero tolerance.” The USPS zero tolerance policy will never work because in fact it does not apply to ALL employees, only some employees.

  11. what a load of crap. they talk a good game but dont follow thru. the usps is like the catholic church. when a priest molests an alter boy, they just move him to another parrish. the postal service is exactly the same. they have a supervisor who harasses an employee,,,they move him to another post office. this is fact!

  12. When is something going to be done about the daily
    harassment that the toolbags perpetrate on the crafts
    on a daily basis? If zero tolerance really is as important
    to the higher up toolbags than it is time to change the
    culture of mismanagement and start appreciating the
    workers and treat them with respect.

  13. And the winner of today’s Contradiction Award goes to the USPS Management. How do the brain police at L’Infant Plaza expect anybody to take this latest knee jerk reaction statement seriously? I suppose being retired I don’t have a dog in the hunt any more, but I saw in my 32 + years more abuse and harassment and heard gruesome tales from other offices committed by management personnel than any other position COMBINED.
    What we are seeing here is a PR stunt as management tries to cover their asses in the wake of several recent media reports of abusive treatment of craft people in offices like St. Louis. Make no mistake – the zero tolerance will be levied on craft employees, not supervisors or managers.
    The people responsible are from District, Area and Headquarters who are constantly ordering their local managers on workroom floors push for “numbers” by any means available. They’re discipline crazy and know no other means of effective leadership beyond intimidation and bullying. They are sometimes involved in stealing overtime wages away from employees in entire large cities, Richmond and Boston the two latest caught doctoring time clock rings of craft employees. A supervisor in Oklahoma is going to jail soon for stealing illegal drugs from the mail and either abusing them herself or dealing – what else can you do? This is the kind of qualified people that get promoted into management world? Yes, there are good ones out there who are just as frustrated as their employees and bravely refuse to harass and discipline at the slightest perceived hint of wrongdoing. But they can’t speak out if they want to stay employed.
    I would not hold my breath waiting for names of managers fired for their miserable treatment of their employees. They’ll just do the USPS shuffle and relocate the worst ones to make some other office a hell hole.
    Keeping up media pressure seems to be somewhat effective, though. We certainly aren’t seeing anything from the unions, who should be all over this problem, but for whatever reasons, leave the grievances up to local branches where there are too many officers who are equally corrupt, do not represent their members fairly, and make “deals” with management for their own preferential treatment along maybe with a few buddies. It’s the reality, folks. You have the right to point at management, but if your union won’t act, they are just as guilty for allowing their branch and office be a terrible place to work.

  14. The fact that this has to be reissued every year or so is proof that the usps adheres to this policy like all others regarding employees.
    By ignoring it. Until mgmt. is held accountable for their actions, especially financially, nothing will change.

  15. B. S. I was threatened by a 204-B. Nothing happened. I was threatened by a fellow employee. Management did nothing. Nice talk. I guess it depends on who you are.

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