USPS Reports $248 million profit for month of February 2016

USPS Reports $248 million profit for month of February 2016 According to a report filed with the Postal Regulatory Commission, the U.S. Postal Service reported operating revenue (without the mandatory prefunding for healthcare) of $248 million for the month of February of fiscal year 2016, an increase of $172 million over the same period last year.

Net income for February (mandatory prefunding for healthcare) the was a $608 million loss, a change from the net profit of $255 million for the same period last year. USPS Year-to-Date totals gives them a $1.85 billion profit compared to $1.4 billion profit for same time last year.USPS Reports $248 million profit for month of February 2016


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6 thoughts on “USPS Reports $248 million profit for month of February 2016

  1. And the price of stamps is going to fall in 2 weeks……. hmmmmmm wonder how that will affect the bottom line and how the numbers will be spun

  2. Way past time to end the health care prefunding! Why doesn’t congress force every other government agency, private co. and non profits to prefund their health care costs? The answer is self evident! The powers want the Postal Service to fail. Remember, any Postal worker that votes for a Ratpublican is only digging their own grave. They can kiss the Postal Service goodby.

  3. Fiction in numbers. Prefunding notwithstanding, I wouldn’t believe anything management reported. Even if it was accurate, how much do you think will be laundered into “business expenses”, “travel vouchers”, and raises they think they so richly deserve? Why don’t we do something about performance bonuses when the whole USPS system knows management is stealing money off the backs of craft people, rewarding themselves for “brilliant leadership” when in reality at the workroom floor level, their visibility and impact is zero? Yes, we get stuck with stupid shit like GPS scanners, which are redundant when you scan deliveries in real time any way, and would be unnecessary if supervisors ever did their work and did street observations? Irregularities can be spotted with MSP points, wild fluctuations in street time, and complaints, but management just has to have roomfuls of district and area goons watching the computer monitor all day, ready to pounce at the slightest perceived misdeed.
    Here’s news for you management spies: your scan request technology is so inaccurate you can never use the data to prove anything. The stupid scanner picks up addresses on the wrong side of the street that a carrier won’t deliver sometimes for hours, is very often two or three blocks away from the sample request, or goes off three or four blocks after you’ve passed it. I almost never have a request go off at the right address unless it’s an NDCBU, and like today, it was the totally wrong one that I had delivered ten minutes earlier.
    This is a waste of millions of dollars, but like the commercial says, if you’re management, you make stupid redundant decisions because that’s what you do. But go ahead and start planning to spend that profit on yourselves because you’ll misappropriate it one way or the other anyway.

  4. Thanks to all the Crafts for working and caring unlike
    the tools and thugs who are useless.

  5. Who running this service? Is That where all the new flat screens came from? New luxary management vehicles next? Please no AC

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