USPS seeking nominees for its ‘Engagement Leader of the Year’ Awards

5/2/16 The Postal Service has created an award to honor leaders who are involved, enthusiastic and committed to improving their workplace environments.

The Engagement Leader of the Year Awards will be given at the district, area and headquarters levels, culminating with a final honoree who will receive a national award in January.

“We have engaged leaders throughout the organization who inspire employees to bring their best to work each and every day,” said Chief Human Resources Officer Jeff Williamson. “It’s time we have a national award to recognize them for all they do.”

USPS seeking nominees for its 'Engagement Leader of the Year' Awards

Nominees must be Executive Administrative Schedule (EAS) or Postal Career Executive Services (PCES) employees in leadership positions and have employees who report directly to them.

The awards will be given in three rounds, beginning with 67 district-selected awardees. During the second round, seven area and 22 headquarters awardees will be chosen, followed by a third round of 10 finalists selected by the Executive Leadership Team.

From these 10 finalists, a single winner will be chosen for the National Engagement Leader of the Year Award.

The Employee Engagement site on LiteBlue has additional guidelines and an online form to submit nominations, which are due Aug. 1

23 thoughts on “USPS seeking nominees for its ‘Engagement Leader of the Year’ Awards

  1. Did we need another Freedom of Information request to get this information? I can’t believe the clowns in management actually had the gall to publicize this “contest”…you can’t make this stuff up!

  2. My suspicion is that the people in that photo are not postal “leaders” and maybe have never mailed a thing in their lives.

  3. This is a pure rip-off of the “First Annual Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence”. A made up award so people can pat themselves on the back!

  4. I do nominate Rodney Dangerfield to be engagement leader of the year! What a waste of time and effort. The idiots that manage the Postal Service should improve working conditions, and customer service! Forget giving each other donuts and awards. An arbitrator once ruled that Postal management has every right to miss manage!

    • wtodd, you think they are getting “donuts and awards?” You are quite wrong. They are giving themselves 10s of thousands of dollars in money, not donuts.

  5. LMAO!!!!

    This worthless program just started, and the mgmt. slugs are already lining up the bonuses !


  6. Nothing like staging a phony award competition amongst yourselves to try to downplay the horrible results of the Postal Pulse survey. Why don’t all of you managers go award yourselves, and dammit, stop insulting the intelligence of craft workers?
    I really despise management’s continued PR crap that constantly barrages us with inane childish bullshit. Postal Proud? What a stupid idea. We’re proud of you getting bonuses and scabbing off the backs of our work? We’re proud of 204-bs and wanna be’s who snitch, kiss ass and suck up to management and create nothing but low morale amongst the workers because those types can’t be trusted not to pedal every little thing they hear back to supervisors? Proud of our rapidly declining service because you want runners with no interest whatsoever in quality?
    I’m proud of the work I do, but it’s because I have an honest work ethic and believe in doing the job the right way. It would be the same wherever I was employed, and while you steal the credit and tell yourselves it’s your brilliant managing that’s responsible, you in truth have nothing to do with it.
    You say you have “engaged leaders” that in your bloated opinion bring out the best in us and really make us want to bust our asses because of such inspired leadership. Name one.

    • They will – it’ll just be a suck up underneath them or under the desk with kneepads ready to do what it takes. They’re desperate to try to make themselves look good after that survey especially with contract talks going on. They know the results of the Postal Pulse will be read by potential moderators and arbitrators and it will not work for them at all.
      Remember, postal management is in the process of searching for some outside company to create spyware that will allow management to invade your home PC’s and Macs, so they can monitor your computer activity for anything they don’t like, including criticism. That it is against the law bothers them about as much as it bothers them to violate the contracts and Handbooks and Manuals. That is not being an inspirational leader. We could potentially find ourselves receiving discipline or removal for posting negative comments just like yours and mine. Scary stuff but unless those plans have fallen through they want to implement such programs ASAP. Looks like I’ll have to install some high security software soon.

  7. I see it coming. The truly disgruntled will get together with their friends and nominate someone who is even hated by his own mother to be “Engagement Leader of the Year.”

  8. Did they say the person that engages the employees or was it the person best prepared for employee engagement?


  10. Asking why moral in the Postal Service is low is like asking Why does shit flow downhill, management probably spent millions to get the answer to that too.

  11. I could easily put together a list of the >worst< supervisors/managers I had the displeasure of working for in my 37+ years of being in that dump. I can't believe you could find 10 worthy of that "award," and if you could, those ten didn't move too far up the management ladder as that type of supervisor/manager isn't what upper upper management want.
    And I'm sure this "award" brings a nice monetary bonus.

  12. Another waste of time and money
    No member of management is deserving of the award

  13. I nominate all the District Managers.
    Does investigate interviews count as engagement?

    • Not to mention the awards are only going to District, Area and Headquarters levels. This means of course that the nominees and contestants are never on a working room floor! They are in their ivory towers, far removed from us scum beings, and consider those rare times when they do have to enter an actual working office a huge embarrassment for people of their self congratulatory calibre.
      You’d think this contest would involve management who actually works with craft but that’s not the way it’s done in postal management world. It’s a steal the credit scam from inconsequential people promoted because of politics, contacts, relatives, suck ups, etc. Productive employees are left to do the actual work. How can a district management personnel be even eligible for this bullshit campaign? Upper level management really and truly believes its craft are imbeciles who will believe anything they’re told. Got news for you.

  14. This has to be a BAD April Fool’s Day joke,that is a month too late. Has USPS really become that much of an insane-asylum? If so,I escaped?

  15. Have fun seeking….these people are the most devise spirit breakers I’ve ever seen. …you guys just don’t get it!

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