USPS seeks rate hike for first class mail parcels effective August 2016

May 17, 2016

uspshq2USPS has filed  a request with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) to establish the 2017 Promotional Program in addition to adjusting certain prices in the First-Class Mail Parcels product. The proposed price adjustment does not constitute the Postal Service’s annual, general Market-Dominant price adjustment, which is typically filed in the fall of the year.

First-Class Mail Parcels and Inbound International First-Class Mail Letter Post

This filing will correct the price imbalance between First-Class Package Service and First-Class Mail parcels by slightly increasing prices for all pieces that weigh up to three-ounces to $2.62.

Prices for Inbound International First-Class Mail Letter Post (Inbound Letter Post) are set by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and are implemented every January, and went into effect Jan. 2016.

If approved by the Commission, the revised First-Class Mail Parcels prices will take effect on Aug. 28, 2016.

2017 Promotional Program

The promotions are designed to encourage all marketers, printers, and mailers to utilize new technology and tools that leverage and increase the value of a physical mailpiece.

§ The proposed 2017 promotional offerings are:

* Emerging and Advanced Technology
* Mobile Shopping
* Tactile, Sensory & Interactive Mailpiece Engagement
* Earned Value Reply Mail
* Personalized Color Transpromo
* Direct Mail Starter (New) – This offering will give a temporary postage discount on mailpieces that contain print-mobile technology that, when scanned, leads the recipient to a mobile-optimized website.

The first of the 2017 promotions will begin Jan. 1, 2017.

Note: All new prices will be posted on the Postal Explorer website: .

5 thoughts on “USPS seeks rate hike for first class mail parcels effective August 2016

  1. Like this is going to help, so much gets past us because employees don’t watch for short paid postage anyway! This comp[any has a bunch of employees who don’t give a shit if they have a job or not these days!


  2. Raising prices while shutting down plants and reducing standards. That is typical of postal management, who haven’t the slightest idea just how idiotic they ultimately are. Think about it – if anybody in private industry raised prices and offered less product for the same amount of whatever was being purchased, it would be suicide. How the fuck can anybody at Headquarters justify raising rates and giving worse service?
    It’s bonuses and under the table embezzlement, pure and simple. They have been stealing from the postal budget for years, are greedy and arrogant, thinking they are indispensable and worth every illegal penny. Notice there is no mention of raising bulk and parcel post rates.
    The PRC better deny the request or risk losing a lot of business. It truly is sickening how the USPS can continually reduce service, quality and reliability without anybody getting in their crooked way. Make no mistake: while there are craft people who are bad people too, what’s wrong with the Service is piss poor abusive incompetent management. Time to hold these people accountable.

  3. Great news. But what about setting up service and particular customer service first and then afterwards jacking up prices? Instead of just upping prices?

    We have a small business and if like recently some packages are “lost” in transit for 3 weeks and then show up suddenly without USPS giving us any information beside of apologizing after inquiries while our customers go wild. It would be nice if top USPS managers would do a better job and I hope something will change to the better after the next election.

    Looking at our business and shipping services in the past I could define a mathematical rule: Higher price equals lower service!

    • Not jacking up anything. The ‘exigent’ increase should have been permanent as it, and all 1st class letter rates, have tracked inflation perfectly since 1971. Unless you’re a Corporate shill, not sure for whom your post is meant as most who peruse this site are craft employees and have never received any bonuses or ‘pay for performance’…

      Also, it would be ‘keeps’, not ‘keep’.

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