In 2011, USPS issued a stamp featuring a photo of a Las Vegas casino’s replica Statue of Liberty rather than the original in New York harbour. But the postal service printed three billion of the first-class stamps. A stamp collector discovered the mix-up after noting discrepancies between the stamp image and the copper original. The mix-up was first reported by Linn’s Stamp News. Linn’s  points out that the photo used on the stamp showed a rectangular patch on the crown that is present on the 14-year-old statue at the New York-New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, but not on the 305ft copper statue in New York. In addition, the facial features on the Las Vegas replica are more sharply defined than on the original.

Fast Forward to 2013,

Lawsuit against USPS


The stamp was thought to show the Statue of Liberty in New York

The image was taken from a stock photography service, the New York Times reported.


  1. Big D says:

    People are unbelievable….. anything for a buck these days! Some of this stuff shouldn’t even make the first step inside a court room. Rediculous!

  2. All Your TSP Belong To Us ! says:

    ROFL ! Sue their ass off buddy !

  3. Mark says:

    Then the artist should be sued as well for copying “liberty”. Come on people, maybe USPS is using a landmark in a stamp. Doubtful that USPS went to this casino and copied it and shrunk the imagine 100 times to a one by one inch stamp.

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