USPS Supervisor sentenced for burglarizing Postal Employees homes while they were at work

The Del Norte District Attorney’s Office announced that Hollie Dale Maready (41) of Crescent City was sentenced today by the Honorable Darren McElfresh to serve six (6) years in state prison for first degree residential burglary with a person present. Maready pleaded guilty to one count of burglary in October of last year in exchange for an agreement to dismiss three other charges. The plea was set up to allow the court to consider the dismissed charges at sentencing.maready


The charges are the result of a lengthy investigation by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) that started when several packages being mailed to veterans turned up missing prescription pain medication after having been tampered with prior to delivery. Maready, a supervisor at the Crescent City post office at the time of the offenses, was the point of contact during the OIG investigation. Theft of mail is a federal crime but the federal government chose not to prosecute mail tampering or the theft from the packages, leaving prosecution to the District Attorney for any applicable state charges. The local investigation was handled by Sergeant Richard Griffin of the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office (DNSO).

The attention of investigation began to focus on Maready with regard to several residential burglaries that had a Crescent City Post Office nexus. Two employees of the post office, supervised by Maready, had their homes burglarized on several different occasions and had prescription pain medication stolen. The co-workers had their keys taken from them while at work. Maready, as their supervisors, would manipulate their work schedules to create an opportunity for her to commit the burglaries while she knew they would be at work. Another victim, an elderly postal customer, was approached by Maready at his home ostensibly as a customer courtesy visit. Maready asked to use his restroom and stole his prescription pain medication.

Deputy District Attorney Todd Zocchi, who handled the case for the prosecution, successfully argued that the recommendation of the Del Norte Probation Department to sentence Maready to six (6) years should be followed by focusing on the number of thefts, the sophistication and planning involved and the abuse of Maready’s position of trust.

Maready presented what purported to be a petition signed by about seven hundred community members while dozens of others appeared with her in court. Maready and her supporters were urging the court to find unusual circumstances and grant her probation. Maready claimed to have become addicted to prescription pain medication following several unsuccessful back surgeries. She also claims to have undergone rehabilitation and obtained sobriety.

“Entering someone’s home to steal from them while they are home is a violent crime. This defendant abused her position as a supervisor at the post office to carry out several burglaries showing a high level of sophistication, planning and callousness,” said Del Norte District Attorney Dale P. Trigg. “While her claims to have obtained sobriety are commendable if true, it comes too late in my mind. She only decided to get help because she got caught and was trying to make an impression on the sentencing judge to avoid state prison. She should have addressed her addiction long before she resorted to breaking into people’s homes to steal from them to support her habit. It is disconcerting that so many people in our community feel that drug addiction should excuse or mitigate criminal conduct. This was not a ‘victimless’ drug offense. These were violent crimes with victims from our community, said Trigg.


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  2. I worked foe the post office 30 years and all I can honestly say is, I often wondered who in the hell over seen the Management, because at my station the management got caught changing the carriers clock rings, a Supervisor was caught stealing mail from the collection boxes out of our zone, he got to retire then the Postmaster himself got caught stealing, they’d watched him for awhile, he got retire and this Supervisor who I’d file many Eeo’s on got caught stealing and guess what? She got to retire, but little old me got accused of striking a Supervisor which was clearly a lie and I got fired for a year. Now I don’t know how these people measure up to over see anyone let more than run a post office. I won my case and it seemed everyone was out for me, I was bullied so bad until I still have issues, even after being retired for 3 years and I’m still fighting, but all I can see is them sitting on my cases and waiting for the opportunity to write me this letter letting me know I didn’t have enough proof, which would be heart breaking. I just pray for them because they are going to have to go before God one day. Peace. I just don’t get it, where is justice when it’s needed?

  3. after 17 years postal service I watched many supervisors that were totally unable to do the job were over paid and if they were in the job market would never be in any position other than cleaning toilets and probably couldn’t do that many a day I would walk in on supervisors as well as post master on ebay or some other site that had nothing to do with postal work and those same people would be out making acusations and be out trying to find workers to get rid of when they should have started with themselves as for waste and abuse the supervisors and post masters should be watched closely there the real waste in the post office

    • This may be hard for your pea-size brain to understand, but some of us can do more than one thing at once. We don’t all have the mental limitations of postal managers, ASSHOLE.

  4. I knew a stupervisor who had $13,000 worth of stamps missing…
    The manager covered for her. She was the b@#%h of all b@#%hes, I cannot say how many times I wanted to stuff her in the trash can!! I found out she was a horrible carrier, but she was still allowed to come on the floor.
    Heard she got transferred out of town. More likely than not, she’s making someone else miserable.
    Just a horrible wretched person!!

  5. Well I’m not surprised. USPS managers and supervisors steal people time all the time. And they talk about integrity

    • Jason….the Post Office has defaulted on the pre funding since 2009, not one dime paid.Donehoe and Office of Personnel Management said the funding of retirement was a red herring. I remember when W Bush signed everything…..the 3 unions were looking over his shoulder grinning from ear to ear… don’t spend your 1% all at once.stop listening to the DemonKKKats fake news……it will just tax that one brain cell.

  6. The fact that a person would pursue a career in postal management should send up red flags that they are void of any good judgment, character or morals. 29 years in the USPS and I can count on one hand the decent, respectable supervisors I have known who weren’t lowlife bottom feeders. Postal management needs total examination and evaluation. 99% are worthless.

  7. Hey Bannon…the Postal Service loses money because it has to pre-fund pensions 75 years in ADVANCE…..all thanks to the Republitard George nimrod Bush…look it up!!! If the USPS didn’t have to do that, it would be far more in the black than the other two delivery services…..

    • Your analysis is not entirely true and you’d rather have the taxpayer pay for USPS health and retirement benefits?

    • USPS already pays for Health care as it goes. The fund is for 75 years in the future. The other guy is right.

  8. Susie Chapstick, How the hell are you gonna suggest shutting down a place that employs thousands of people?

  9. “Theft of mail is a federal crime but the federal government chose not to prosecute mail tampering or the theft from the packages, leaving prosecution to the District Attorney for any applicable state charges.”

    They protect their own. We had a carrier criminally charged for putting a deliverable piece of 3rd class mail in UBBM. The customer’s cluster box was full and the carrier was trying to do his overburdened route in 8 hrs, he was going to leave a “box full” notice but kept putting it off. He had to hire a defense attorney and he’s still on probation. Real probation, not postal.

    • I have always said with some of the managers we have , if they were not working here they would be asking “Do you want fries with that?”

  10. I have always said one of the main things wrong with the Post Office is they can’t get anyone to be manager so they will let anyone manage. This is the only multi-billion dollar business where someone with a GED is put in charge of a unit and told to supervise people. All you need is to show a willingness to be an idiot and bully. Three things you need to remember for management training; chin up, shoulders back, lips on butt.

  11. What’s most disappointing is that management protects management.
    Meaning the Dept. of Justice refused to prosecute this supervisor, the state justice dept. had to do it.
    Now that’s scary……….

    • The carrier’s probably left their personal keys on their drawer of their case. Who thinks someone is going to go to your house while you are working

  12. if those workers were stupid enough to give their house keys to a supervisor then they deserve getting robbed

    • Susie , You really shows lots of education serious 110000.

      What industry or title do you hold that are not immune to drugs or any other sinful act..

      • Yeah. Shut it down! That way the entire country stops! The entire country would stop if they didn’t get their mail. Everything isn’t done electronically or by fax. Think about it.

    • Retired carrier (41 years) who gives their keys to anyone to keep. I wouldnt give anyone my keys especially mgmt at any job but especially the PO im tooo gamiliar with thr shit they do.Had some good ones but they are far outweighed by assholes….

  13. another criminal in po mismanagement and to think that there are 110,000 more just like her. her PFP cash bonus envelope must have been a little thin this year due to $5.3 Billion loss…..never stopped them before. President Trump shut them down!


    • If you knew what causes the huge lost for the post office, then you wouldn’t have mentioned it. Like always, people referencing something that they don’t have a clue about. You have companies and people that committed far worst crimes and I don’t hear anyone crying to shut them down. The post office is the only self supported federal agency that have had unfair regulations put on them. As far as the supervisor, she was a idiot that needed help. State charges would give her hard labor, where federal charges would have had her living comfortable.

  14. How sad. Addiction is a terrible thing, but for a supervisor to break into employees’ or customer’s homes to steal meds is pathetic. She must have had decent insurance, and one can only guess just how zonked she was on pain meds if the usual hydrocodone or oxycodone didn’t help. There are other medications stronger available, plus therapy, pain management and other options that a person can consider. But apparently this woman wasn’t the brightest bulb on the marquee and now she’ll get to do some hard time for it.
    I will not use the same “employee vs. management” attack here because it’s not fair to either side. I have known too many instances of craft with tons of abuse problems, and the USPS to its credit offers professional help to its employees, something most places don’t. Yet people refuse to seek the help, even with insurance.
    The sad thing is that people with serious addictions eventually have to resort to victimizing others to support their habits. Meth is rampant, alcohol abuse is still a big problem, and I have seen people suffer because of it. As a retired letter carrier, I could tell stories of lots of people with terrible problems that many of us who are not out in the neighborhoods every day delivering arrest warrants, lawyer solicitations, hearing the screaming and yelling going on inside the residences, and who knows what else. Get help. Save your job and family. Sympathy for addicts as a rule isn’t very plentiful, especially when you victimize those you know to feed your monkey.

    • its the same kind.the lazy ones who don’t want to do any of their own work so they move uo to tell others what to do and how hard they had it

  15. Good God almighty! Just what kind of person do they promote into postal “management” nowadays?? They used to be mean, nasty, and subhuman, but now they hire pure criminals??

    • I have seen carriers go on light duty, usually with what she supposedly had wrong with her, she does clerk’s work for a while and send the clerk home with less hours while they get eight. Then after a while they allow them to supervisor. This is a scam to become a supervisor. It leaves out those who are qualified by experience and education. The friend of a friend becomes supervisor. How could she work being addicted? She didn’t because supervisor are not requited to work eight hours or punch in. They do timekeeping which was a clerk function, so the fix is in.

  16. What a scum bag! Shows every one the type of mentality and character you need to be a higher up in the post office. This is a story that isn’t uncommon in the supervisor ranks. They watch the carriers and other workers like hawks and denigrate them all the time and in their own ranks their stealing time or more like this POS.

    • Same type of people in mgmt as in the crafts. Using this forum to denigrate either mgmt or craft is lowlife.

      • You have no clue do you? If Uncle Scam forced fed ex and ups to prepay retirements 75 years in advance, they would be worse off than the Postal Service! Do some reaearch beofre spewing ignorance.

          • And one reason FEDEX /UPS are doing so good is that last mile crap deal that the USPS gave them. They mail to a major facility and drop of for us to deliver for pennies. Yes , we are going there already; but look at the savings in gas and time , for the drivers and the sortation. No wonder they are in the black and making money. Reminds me of the Emery deal that was also a bust. Problem is USPS does not learn from their mistakes!

      • nice try…..postal circus has defaulted on pre funding since 2009 and still lost over 105 $Billion since than. NY University said according to GAAP accounting principles, the post office is bankrupt! since 2009 FDX/UPS have made $Billions and their trucks and airplanes are squeaky clean. our fleet are rusty, dirty, broken down crap. nice image they show the public.

  17. typical far left postal mismanagement trash………………is it any wonder the post office is losing $Billions of dollars while UPS/FDX are making $Billions of dollars…….ain’t affirmative action grand? President Trump, please clean out this rat’s nest known as the US Postal Circus!

  18. It is hard to believe what some people will do for money. I live in a small village where
    I had the sad experience of seeing it happen before here. Once a young girl was
    killed in a small local town by a young man from here for drugs, and also where all
    the people were cheated by greed from the Postmaster . The morals of the town
    slipped as the workers were replaced by younger good looking women. To many
    who it was ok because while unjust, because it benefited them. People wonder why
    age discrimination is so common these days.

  19. She must have been out when the Management Ambassadors had their seminar.
    I heard she was really great to work for.
    Just have UPS delivery your pills.

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