USPS to consolidate over 30 postal plants in April – Offering Voluntary Early Retirement?

USPS to consolidate over 30 postal plants in April - Offering Voluntary Early Retirement?

Updated: April will be a very busy month for USPS consolidating and/or closing facilities as part of its Network Rationalization Phase 2. USPS will allow employees at the CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO mail center to opt for retirement.

Here is a sample of facilities scheduled to close or consolidate from April 1 through April 18:

USPS to consolidate over 30 postal plants in April

Cape Girardeau mail processing center to end operations

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) – The United States Postal Service Mail Processing Center in Cape Girardeau is set to end all operations later this month.

According to Twana Barber with USPS in Kansas City, the scheduled move date for processing flats at the Kell Farm Road location is April 4 and April 18 for all other operations.

Barber says 34 clerks and 11 maintenance workers will be affected by the consolidation.

Eleven of the employees are being placed by April 18, Barber says, and the rest of the employees will be offered positions elsewhere as they become available. Read more

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11 thoughts on “USPS to consolidate over 30 postal plants in April – Offering Voluntary Early Retirement?

  1. In case you have been hiding in the basement the last year democrat sen diane feinstein D-CA and her husband richard blum have a no bid contract to sell postal property……… must vacate so they can profit. how dare you stand in the way of rich 1% crony capitalists. by the way sen feinstein never worked in the private sector, only civil service/govt jobs……and has a net worth of $70 million. the husband net worth is over one billion. as democrats they are out for the little guy, as long as you get out of their square footage. look over there… is your enemy!

  2. Pittsburgh can’t handle anymore mail then they have. Johnstown sends mail back to Pittsburgh and to Altoona everyday because they can’t handle the volume. Look for Erie’s mail to be stored in trailers in Boscovs parking lot, and expect city to city delivery to be about 6 days.

  3. About time Erie closed. No volume ~~ not ever. Their O&D can be processed om Pgh/Roch automation in 20 minutes.

  4. Duluth, MN on the list for 18 April. What is happening? And where is our buddy Franken? Saw him on Lettermen last night. Guess he’s too busy to look out for ANYBODY but himself!
    Sure, Franken will say a joke about us and that will make everything okay. UNTIL the next time he is up for re-election, and then he will pretend to care about the USPS.

  5. In a few years, the USPS will be reopening all of these consolidated plants in order to facilitate the growing parcel delivery market. NO FORSIGHT!!

  6. When V.E.R.? Why not offer VER? Instead of forcing or placing them to a diffy post offices. Offer us VER to save all employees being downsized and keep them there.

  7. Communication of mail is what binds this country together… Why you want to tamper with Americans United States Postal Service ??? It’s all about the $$$$$$……

  8. Erie PA to Pittsburgh PA 2 1/2 Hrs on a good day.. Good luck getting your mail in 3 days…

  9. Erie PA to Rochester NY a 3hr trip on a good day…. Looking forward to getting my mail in 3days…. NOT!

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