USPS to hire annuitants from various crafts for holidays

USPS to hire annuitants from various crafts for holidays

USPS is planning to hire annuitants from various crafts for “the peak” which is November 12, 2016 through January 6, 2017.

If you have postal friends who have retired, let them know about this great opportunity to help USPS process and deliver an outstanding holiday season to customers … and earn some extra holiday money (about $16 per hour)!

Application period is August 1 – 19.

Annuitant Holiday Clerk Assistants and Annuitant City Carrier Assistant (Holiday Term) jobs have been posted .  They are posted districtwide and are limited to postal retirees.  Last year, the general public was invited to apply.

 Below are two examples from Bay Valley District.  All annuitant job postings say:

 This is a noncompetitive appointment open to United States Postal Service annuitants only. Annuitants who retired more than 90 days prior to the effective date of appointment will be required to complete a drug test and give consent for a criminal background check and National Agency Check with Inquiries.

 The annuitant job postings fail to state, “In the summary of accomplishments you should list the Office(s) where you are interested (city, state, zip).”

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Source: USPS

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8 thoughts on “USPS to hire annuitants from various crafts for holidays

  1. How many districts are being part of this? Santa Ana, CA, like last year shall not be part of this.


  3. Just remember, your seniority will no longer exist, and your union protection will be minimal at best. You can be fired for almost any reason, so if you have had poor relations with your managers while you worked, expect alot more if you take this position. In larger offices, expect to work 7 days a week. Of course, there is nothing keeping you from just walking out the door if you don’t like it.

  4. 1st of all I wouldn’t step 1 foot back into that hell hole for anything under $40 hr. What I find funny is they will only pay $16 but the banner above says newbies start at $20. All I would need is maybe a 1/2 hr. to get up to speed on the new scanner then it’s load truck with parcels & go, but nooooo not with these jokers.
    They are getting fully trained start from the get go people and this is all they can do to try and seduce the peasants back into their proto/fascist corporate psychotic machine.
    2nd, drug test? Really? how insulting, will never do that, they use the cheapest and least reliable tests, so why ruin my life when that will somehow, somewhere stay on file.
    3rd, This is for the Xmas rush, in the description above it mentions casing and sorting mail? What I’m coming back as SUB! This wasn’t in the original proposal so I’m guessing some genius up top thought hey this would be a good idea to exploit & run a temp guy into the ground.
    They just can’t help themselves from screwing with people, and they wonder why they have a low retention rate.
    OK, I’ll go as low as $45, but that’s it, ……….M

  5. The BIG question to ask is “Will my postal service annuity be reduced due to the dual compensation rule?” In the past, the Postmaster Relief position was the only job allowed exempt under this rule. Why would anyone want to work if their annuity would be reduced?

  6. I have two thoughts on this matter. If u need some extra money and r in good physical-fitness,go 4 for it. On the other hand,it appears 2 be,a weak apology from both USPS management and the various postal-workers unions:4 the continually worsening working conditions,during this century. This is especially so,since the”Holiday Assistants”;will have the employee-status,of the former Christmas Causuals.

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