USPS to hire postal retirees from various crafts for “peak” holiday season

Annuitant Holiday Clerk Assistants and Annuitant City Carrier Assistant (Holiday Term) jobs have been posted district-wide.

USPS is planning to hire annuitants from various crafts for “the peak” holiday season from November 25, 2017 through January 19, 2018 .


The application period varies depending on the position. For some positions the ending date to apply runs from August  19-25, 2017.

According to USPS: “Retired postal employees have the knowledge, community connection, and ability to provide great service, which makes them excellent candidates for reemployment in holiday term positions.” Retired postal employees who are eligible for reemployment should have already received a letter from the Postal Service with details on how to apply. If you know someone who did not receive a letter and is interested, they can apply and HRSSC (Shared Services) will determine their eligibility.At this time, the following positions are open:

  • Annuitant Holiday Transportation Assistant Tractor Trailer Operator at $18.41 per hour paid bi-weekly
  • Annuitant Holiday Transportation Assistant Motor Vehicle Operator at $18.03 per hour paid bi-weekly
  • Annuitant Holiday Clerk Assistant at $16.98 per hour paid bi-weekly
  • City Carrier Assistant (Holiday Term) at $16.06 per hour paid bi-weekly

All annuitant job postings say: Posting dates and special conditions apply to each temporary position being offered so  interested annuitants should be sure to check their letter.

Below are examples from various USPS Districts:


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note: The U.S. Postal Service does not plan to hire annuitants to supplement the EAS workforce for the holiday season.

19 thoughts on “USPS to hire postal retirees from various crafts for “peak” holiday season

  1. Does the Income you make from working for USPS still get deducted from your retirement annuity? That is the way I understood it. Maybe it was just half of what you make is deducted? Anybody know more on this?

  2. Say…….., supervisors, even ex-supervisors probably like to get a daily fix of touching the mail right? (Sorting box mail?) Get some of the retired clown supervisors to come in at $16 an hour and throw some sacks around between 10 PM and 6 AM. No?? They don’t like touching the mail that much?? What? They want to come in and do the nice, light, easy, gravy work?? No, No, I find that hard to believe.

  3. Does the Postal Service use predator drones yet on their carriers ? I thought it was very nice that management keeps control on their employees. I find it great that I can live each day without being spied on. The way management treats people, who would believe the Postal service would think ex inmates want to ever pay a visit? I just wish they could have let me keep my scanner. Makes a nice door stop.

  4. I don’t go back to my old station to visit the morons. Why would I want to work for chump change for a few weeks during the holidays?

  5. For example a retired Letter Carrier is desperate enough to go back to that shit hole just run skip lunches and 10 minute breaks that is total bullshit my advice is go work at Home Depot LOL

  6. I don’t need no stinking $16 bucks an hour. I feel sorry if any retiree is in such dire financial straits that $16 stinking bucks an hour looks good. Screw the clown show. No need for the BS from the clowns.

  7. Noticed the Postal Service is no longer hiring former EAS employees for seasonal help…bringing back all those former lazy psycho managers had to have been a nightmare for everyone involved!!!

    • And you get novocaine. I just retired in January, and got my letter telling me how valued I was, had the experience, blah blah blah and really ought to go back for December. Hell, DECEMBER is the month from Hell. Annuitant or not, as a retired city carrier it would be torture running all over town, getting bawled out for not running, and making my shot back even worse.
      So my answer to those compound morons in management who want me to go back for a month: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Eat shit! I retired so I wouldn’t have to take any more shit, and was smart enough to save money while I was there. Plus, from what a friend still there tells me, the harassment and a bunch of really bad stuff coming from District is worse than ever. Now why would I want to go back to that? You managers who abuse your carriers and try to force them into running and being unsafe ought to go deliver the damn things yourself. If you don’t get lost and have to call for directions back.

  8. Why would any retired employee want to go back to their place of torture? When one gets out of the joint, enjoy being free of the piddle shit. Go back for $16. 06 per hour? I would rather go to the dentist! At least he doesn’t try to discipline you.

    • Sounds like a nightmare that you never wake up from.

      No way I could endure the psycho managers and the tedious repetitious work for $16 an hour….then throw in the mandatory overtime and you’ll start having flashbacks and become a basketcase.

    • But that’s the beauty of it. Just give them the finger, and walk out. What are the going to do? Fire you?

  9. LMAO ! They bring this out every year, and the same thing happens every year; no one chooses to do it !

    The last thing a retiree wants is to come back to this clown show.

    Plus, if not careful, it can screw up one’s retirement benefits.

    And who’s going to help correct that ?

    postal mgmt. ?

    LMAO !

    • Yes, let’s go back as CCA’s with no seniority, probably work seven days a week, 10 hours at least a day, including amazon on Sundays and the usual abuse for half price! If this doesn’t prove management thinks craft people active and retired are a bunch of idiots, I don’t know what would.

  10. Interested in holiday employment at the Greensboro BMC No Carolina as a Clerk Spbs operator etc ! Retired bmc employee

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