USPS to spend nearly $120 million to build or modify mail, vehicle facilities

USPS to spend nearly $120 million

USPS to spend nearly $120 million

5/27/2016 The Western Facilities Construction CMT of the U. S. Postal Service is seeking to prequalify construction contractors for the performance of design and construction of a new 789,000 sq. ft. Processing & Distribution Center (P&DC) and a new 28,000 sq. ft. Vehicle Maintenance Facility (VMF) to be constructed on a 47 acre site owned by the Postal Services in the City of Portland.

The design and construction of a fixed mechanization system is included in the scope of work. The estimated cost of the project is between —— with construction completions within 730 calendar days from receipt of Notice to Proceed. This qualified statement solicitation will be to qualify vendors who meet the acquired qualifications on the attached QSP package.

The prequalified list of design build contractors will receive a solicitation package in early May 2016 with the technical and price proposals due 60 days from issuance.. All work is to be done in accordance with the USPS approved plans, specifications and criteria. The site is a “green field” site with no Postal operations on site.

note: USPS prequalified 9 firms to obtain a solicitation package for the Design Build project in Portland OR.

The Postal Service is also seeking contractors interested in renovating a vacant postal building located at 9-29th Street, Brooklyn, New York to create a new Centralized Package Distribution Center. note: This could relieve the congestion and crowding caused by parcels in many delivery offices.

Upcoming project consists of alterations to an existing building as required for a new USPS Centralized Package Distribution Center. The scope of work for the project includes, but is not limited to, demolition, asbestos abatement (roof materials), site concrete, retaining walls, security fencing and gates, cast-in-place concrete, CMU masonry walls and partitions, brick masonry repair, structural steel, metal decking, metal fabrications, railings, cold-formed metal framing, carpentry, firestopping, thermal insulation, spray urethane foam roofing, fireproofing, steel doors and frames, impact doors, powered coiling overhead doors, hardware (including electrified hardware), employee lockers and benches, postal casework, break room furniture, toilet compartments, toilet accessories, loading dock equipment, modifications to the existing sprinkler system, fire alarm system, HVAC equipment and ductwork, rough and finish plumbing, electrical roughing, lighting, lighting controls, telecommunications, CCTV systems, and ePACS access control

The U. S. Postal Service plans to issue a Fixed Price Contract to complete a Buildout project at the Philadelphia PA P&DC Singer Building located at 7300 Lindberg Boulevard, Philadelphia PA 19176. All work will be done in accordance with USPS approved specifications and drawings.

The U. S. Postal Service is seeking proposals to complete an expansion project at the Indianapolis Mail Processing Annex 2 located at 7452 Templehof Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46241. All work will be done in accordance with USPS approved specifications and drawings.

The Postal Service is more concerned with making an award at the lowest overall price than with obtaining superior technical or management features. However, the Postal Service may not necessarily make an award at the lowest price in order to achieve a small price savings if better value can be achieved with superior technical or management features. The benefits of a higher priced proposal may merit a higher price. The evaluation factors outlined in Section 2-26.2, of the Supplying Principles and Practices, listed in descending order of importance, will be used in the evaluation of proposals.

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