USPS wants to contact postal retirees to make them aware of content on “Keeping Posted” website

From the Federal Register:

This notice is in accordance with the Privacy Act requirement that agencies publish [[Page 12369]] their amended systems of records in the Federal Register when there is a revision, change, or addition. The Postal Service\TM\ has reviewed this system of records and has determined that this General Privacy Act System of Records should be revised to modify Categories of Records in the System, Purpose(s), and Retention and Disposal.

DATES: The revision will become effective without further notice on March 25, 2013, unless comments received on or before that date result in a contrary determination.

The United States Postal Service[supreg] is proposing to modify a General Privacy Act System of Records. These updates are being made due to changes to a Web site developed for retired postal employees.


The U.S. Postal Service has a Web site called available for retired USPS employees who want to stay connected with postal news, events and people. This site also provides links to other retirement resources and services.
II. Rationale for Changes to USPS Privacy Act Systems of Records

The Postal Service wants to contact postal retirees to make them aware they can find on the Keeping Posted Web site uptodate news and information about the organization, messages to retirees from the Postmaster General, as well as continuing federal retiree benefit information.

Description of Changes to Systems of Records

The Postal Service is modifying one system of records listed below. Pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 552a(e)(11), interested persons are invited to submit written data, views, or arguments on this proposal. A report of the proposed modifications has been sent to Congress and to the Office of Management and Budget for their evaluation. The Postal Service does not expect this amended notice to have any adverse effect on individual privacy rights. The affected system is as follows:
USPS 100.000

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8 thoughts on “USPS wants to contact postal retirees to make them aware of content on “Keeping Posted” website

  1. Fat Donahoe………..DON’T CALL, DON’T WRITE, DON’T EMAIL…NOTHING! Not seeing your puss, reading your edicts, enduring your torture, hearing your daily discipline talks, is fine by me! Retirement is splendid without you and the USPS. Blood pressure back to normal, no stress whatsoever, nice leasurely days, able to write and say whatever I want (PMG Suppression)……uh-uh….just stay out of my/our lives! We did our time in your hell, after 34 years I am now FREE!

  2. Don’t call in sick…and then just die quick and you won’t need healthcare.
    Your friend,
    Patrick Donuthole

  3. Mike Murray:
    You can thank your buddy Ronald Reagan for screwing you [and the rest of us] out of our full Social Security benefit. He did that over 30 years ago… do you remember when the Republicans cared about the little guy? Neither do I.

  4. Retired in ’03 and just now able to pay for Medicare– I’ll pass! Even with 47 qtrs Soc Sec will not send a dime. Screwed by the dems– will continue nicely retired with a new home, new boat, ourchased an indoor boat slip… life is good, obama sux.

  5. keep voting in the right wing and ur dream of smaller government and less taxes (for the rich) will come true. with ur benefits smaller as well.

  6. First item we want to make sure you know is that we are attempting to take away your Federal Employee Health Benefits. We are creating a new Postal plan “Donahoe Care” for you. Due to the poor quality of the new plan executives of the postal service will stay with FEHBP. Good luck and by the way when eligible for Medicare we are kicking you out of Donahoe Care too.

  7. Thanks for keeping us up to date. Have added a short cut and sent to favorites. Will attempt to check on regularly. David N. Carey @ 64060

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