USPS “Welcome Back” program helps provide Postal Employees a smooth return to work

USPS is upgrading its “Welcome Back” program for employees who have been away from the job for an extended period of time and are returning to a new position.

The program is a component of the overall USPS return to work process. Up to now, USPS has encouraged supervisors to work with returning employees and to help them adjust to their new positions. Now, supervisors and employees will have the added benefit of working with members of the Postal Service’s Occupational Health Services (OHS) program.

The OHS program consists of administrative activities, wellness initiatives, and other medically related subjects designed to address the health and safety of all postal employees. Administered by a staff of medical professionals and headed by National Medical Director Dr. David Reid, the program will be an additional resource for employees and management.

One way the upgraded program will work is to assist employees who have recovered from work-related injuries but who can no longer perform their old duties and have been reassigned. An OHS medical professional will work with these individuals, communicating with them directly or in writing within a month of their return. The OHS professional will follow up with each employee and also can provide supervisors with guidance on how to work with these employees to help make their return to work successful.

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7 thoughts on “USPS “Welcome Back” program helps provide Postal Employees a smooth return to work

  1. They place them on Workers comp. Some people are suing the PO and winning because of them getting hurt and the PO trying to force them out somehow. If you get hurt dont let them bully you out of a job. You are entitled to something, whether its on Limited Duty or on Workers Comp….maybe even Fers Disablity. It is a lesser paycheck but better than nothing. No you are not separated from the PO. Remember that it wasnt your fault that you got hurt. Most of the people that get hurt today are not lying about it.

  2. Oh, this is terrific stuff! Hilarious! “Welcome Back”…oh, yeah. Guess the supervisors will dress up like “Mr. Kotter” and the other management staff will dress up like Barbarino, Horseshack and Boom Boom Freddie! Welcome Back….have we got a “surprise” for you!!

  3. First the Postal Service forces employees out of work under its National Reassessment Programs (NRP)and many of years of accommodating this injured employees. These employees are then harassed and/or threaten, follow by inspectors and the list goes on. When these employees didn’t fall for the crock of earlier retirement, the Postal Service wants them to return to work. The catch, the only work available is more than 50 miles from their former office of employment.

  4. I was a carrier when I got injured 12 years ago. I have not been able to do the functions of my bid job since July, 2000. I worked in CFS and other limited duty assignments. I am still on a limited duty assignment. Federal Law, specifically the Rehabilitation Act prohibits a federal agency from separating a worker because he or she has suffered an on the job injury. That same law states that every effort must be made to accommodate federal employees injured on duty.

  5. It is my understanding that if, within one year of the date of your injury, you cannot do the functions of the bid job you had when you were injured (on-the-job), that you will be separated from the Postal Service.
    There is a carrier in my general area that was severely injured, but unable to be on the street for a full tour. He was able to case and then was on Limited Duty the rest of his shift. They eventually reduced him to casing time only, and finally separated him for being unable to return full-time street duty.

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