USPS Will Address Hatch Act Issues

Regarding your editorial “How the Post Office Delivered for Hillary” (Aug. 26) highlighting Hatch Act violations by the U.S. Postal Service: This issue has been addressed by Congress and the Office of Special Counsel (OSC), and the Postal Service has fully committed to addressing the issue and to correcting the problem.
Furthermore, although the OSC concluded that a longstanding practice of the Postal Service violated the Act, the OSC also determined that the violation was not intentional and that it was not motivated by any desire by the Postal Service to support or oppose a particular party or candidate. Instead, the OSC concluded that the practice was a part of the efforts of the Postal Service to foster and maintain a working relationship with the National Association of Letter Carriers. Postal Service leadership did not in any way guide union leadership in selecting the candidates for whom postal union employees could campaign.
Regardless of our motivations, the OSC determined that our practice enabled union political activity and was contrary to the law.

3 thoughts on “USPS Will Address Hatch Act Issues

  1. If the carrier’s union had indorsed Donald Dump the Ratpublicans wouldn’t complained. Great story in Washington Post, the UMWU supported Mr. Dump for President. And in turn 10 coal miners have died in accidents since January. The Mine Safety Administration won’t fine the coal co’s because of mine safety violations. Costs jobs! Now the UMWU is upset with their pal. Tough, they got what they wanted. They should enjoy the results.

  2. Forget Hillary, in 32 years I have never seen so many Hatch Act violations as I did during the two Obama elections.

    Having had to see the Hatch Act compliance officer just to run for town meeting 30 years ago I was curious (OK, I’m also a bit of a stinker). As it happens we no longer have an identifiable compliance officer and I was told that “he’s one of their people, after all.”

    Another law out the window.

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