USPS will not be included in Trump’s hiring freeze

omb-logoThe Office of Management and Budget has issue additional guidance regarding the freeze on the hiring of Federal civilian employees as directed by the President on January 23, 2017, via Presidential Memorandum (PM) entitled Hiring Freeze. Among the clarifications issued by OMB – hiring by the US Postal Service is not included in the freeze.


5 thoughts on “USPS will not be included in Trump’s hiring freeze

  1. But wait, you (and the NALC) posted a few months back that Donald Trump’s election would harm hiring within the postal service and could cause the loss of 15,000 letter carriers. Clearly you were peddling politicized crap and we all knew it was a bunch of bull crap. Your site cannot be trusted because you have political bias throughout.

  2. The people that voted for Trump don’t mind what happens to them. They won’t care if America becomes a right to work for free nation. Any sacrifice made will be done for the fatherland. Most workers know their place, they are to work for as little as possible, live as they are told, and accept their lot. It is known that only rich people are allowed to hoard wealth. Workers must only grow old. Not allowed any benefits because that costs rich people their money! And Trump voters like the idea that the rich collect their wealthfare. It is ok that they suck of the tax payer. And they know how Trump bragged about not paying any taxes.

  3. sell it off to UPS/FDX they make Billions, while this dump loses Billions. Trump should also add a anti-nepotism clause in Postal Circus Mismanagement.

  4. Well, this is good. I’m out of the postal world now, but I know my friends and coworkers were really suffering over the last few months as the USPS management as usual lagged their asses getting people hired, not giving a rat’s ass because they weren’t personally affected, which is pretty much a common thing anymore. I’ve had my share of conflicting information getting my retirement going, getting one answer to a problem only to have somebody else in HR give me a totally different one!
    It’s therefore no surprise the word is not getting through to management about keeping properly staffed offices. Now however with the news that the USPS won’t be affected by King Trumpty Dumpty should remove at least that excuse for not getting more people on board. A smart person in management who can make hiring decisions would consider that Trump could turn around and do exactly the opposite on the turn of a dime and get hiring quick.

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