Valentine’s Day mail delivery leads to USPS issuing apology

Michael Calvin is a brand new dad to 4-month-old Jeremiah, but he already wants to make sure his son knows how to take care of someone else’s stuff.

And by the looks of it, he says his postal worker could use a refresher.

“I actually felt disrespected,” he said. “I felt like that person didn’t handle my property as if they would have handled their own.”

And it was all caught on tape through a camera in his doorbell.

Looking at the video, you can see the postal worker get out of her truck, walk up to the front door and drop the package on the ground. Watch the full raw clip of the incident in the video player above.

If you look closely, it even looks like she gives it one final kick before walking back to the truck.


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6 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day mail delivery leads to USPS issuing apology

  1. first of all…it looks like it slipped out of her hand. u can see she tries to catch it. even if she did drop it….so what?! the clerks throw them into hampers while sorting them. they were shoes. big deal. i wouldnt appologize for anything. people are such babies!…waaa waaaa waaaaaaa!

  2. Wow are you kidding me? The boxes weight wa uneven and she accidentally dropped it. Do you have any idea what these packages go through on sorting machines and at the hubs? Looks like another conservative station paid for by ups trying to make the post office look bad. Sad sad world.

    • they did it to you because they both thought you were a moron for believing that the company was not corrupt and the union heads were not thugs…….well now you know! live and learn….now go hire a labor lawyer, report the business agent to your State Attorney General…stop being one of those liberal clowns wearing a pussy hat!

  3. I don’t believe what APWU did to me. Apwu business agent gave me a fraudulent document with a forged signature. How does someone do something that cruel? I believed in the union. They and management treated me terribly. I go to work watching my back everyday and worrying about the supervisor coming back to take vengeance on me. Eeo’s don’t work they are one sided. I am so disappointed in a system I thought was truthful. I am canceling my doctors appointment. I can’t afford to go. I am losing my home and every thing I worked so hard for. This is the U.S Postal Service? I will continue to pray for Justice.

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