Veterans’ Day Observed on Saturday November 11: Postal Retail and Delivery Closed

10/19/2017Each year, Veterans’ Day is celebrated on Nov. 11. For 2017, the holiday falls on a Saturday.

There has been some confusion about when the Postal Service will observe the holiday because it has a six “business” day week. For clarification, USPS Retail and Delivery will be closed on Saturday, November 11, 2017. It will be business as usual on Friday, November 10, 2017.

Veterans day

Veterans Day -November 11, 2017

In a letter to the APWU the Postal Service writes:

“In an effort to ensure clarity regarding the upcoming holiday, please note that in observance of the holiday the Postal Service will not conduct normal mail delivery or retail operations on Veterans’ Day (Saturday, November 11). Package delivery will be performed on November 11-12.”

Regular Employees with Saturday as their normal workday will observe the holiday on Saturday. Employees with Saturday as their scheduled off day, will observe Friday as their holiday. Those employees with Friday and Saturday as their scheduled off days, will observe Thursday as their holiday. Lastly, in accordance with Article 11.8.B of the CBA, Postal Support Employees will receive holiday pay for Saturday, November 11, 2017.


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11 thoughts on “Veterans’ Day Observed on Saturday November 11: Postal Retail and Delivery Closed

  1. Yes Stan the cca’s will deliver Amazon packages on those days, which I believe our regional rep (Mike Burkitt) told us that: “amazon is not our friend” since the company will find someone cheaper than us to deliver those packages someday. So…….. if all we are delivering on those days is packages, why are we delivering the rest of the mail on the remaining Saturdays? And most of that is junk mail…….. just saying

  2. Thank you Scott for setting me straight. I have a glass of union koolaid here for you. It’s nice to know some people still can’t read between the lines, but at some point in time everyone must think for themselves. Not what they are led to believe or being told.

  3. so you mean to tell me that Saturday delivery isn’t all that important?? I thought according to our union that Saturday delivery (6- day delivery) is vital to the post office. Yet we get 10 holidays/year which is 5 day delivery those weeks ( 10 weeks= 2.5 months) and now a Saturday with no delivery…. how ever will we survive??? Hmmm…. something just doesn’t add up. I got it! If we got rid of Saturday delivery we could save billions, but we wouldn’t need as many carriers…… so less carriers= less union $ coming in….. soooooo our union could be misleading us?????? that doesn’t sound like them at all

    • Carrier Chuck……..
      Just to enlighten you, we still deliver Amazon on those holidays. So yes, delivery is still important, just not for the 1st class.

    • Thank you, Carrier Chuck, for your thoughtful insights. Six-day delivery IS important. However, any number of the 10 observed holidays could land on a delivery day, reducing that week to 5-day delivery, regardless of whether or not it is a Saturday. Additionally, less carriers = less good-paying jobs. This has zero to do with Union dues. Following your logic, the Postal Service could save billions more by reducing delivery to one day a week. At that point, when you are at your new job at ShopMart, you will be unable to use the term “our union”, as you won’t have one. You are not being misled; you have wandered off the range.

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