Video: Amazon Contracts For Its Own Fast Delivery From Distribution Center

Video: Amazon Contracts For Its Own Fast Delivery From Distribution Center

June 6, 2016

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — If had its way, every shopper would shop online, and then have that order filled and packaged at fulfillment centers like one in Crafton PA with products to be delivered to your doorstep by Amazon deliverers, instead of the traditional U.S. Postal Service, UPS, or FedEx delivery.

“They really are doing what I would call academically vertical integration.  They want to control all steps in the process, and they’re doing that more and more,” Prof. Elaine Luther, a Point Park University business professor, told KDKA money editor Jon Delano on Monday.

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  1. I think everyone would be shocked if they knew how little the USPS would lose if they stopped delivering Amazon packages. I would also like to know why a quasi Federal agency forces workers to deliver Amazon packages on Memorial Day and July Fourth, as well as every other holiday.

  2. There is no law against delivering their own goods. Yes, it would cut into the USPS bottom line, and that loss would be significant to say the least considering the amount of parcels we handle for
    The losses would be across the board, negatively effecting UPS and FedEx, too, and the USPS has delivery deals with both of them for the “last mile” portion of a package delivery.
    However, the USPS isn’t doing much to help itself because it insists on replacing experienced career carriers who still had a shred of integrity and job dedication with half price runners, the majority of which are being trained by management to run like hell, with no emphasis on anything else. So it’s no surprise after a long time regular carrier has a day or two off that complaints come in from parcels being misdelivered, not scanned or forwarded because, especially in the case of forwarding mail, the average CCA has not been taught how to process forwardable or return mail. I have dealt with these newbies since the inception of this incredibly stupid CCA program delivering everything – filling vacant boxes, ignoring vacation hold orders, and not handling one bit of mail that needs to be returned to the sender or forwarded to the new address because they do not recognize it and don’t care. They will deliver four or five trays of DPS and flats, and there will not be a single piece of mail in the UBBM tub. For non-employees, that’s bulk rate mail for people not at a given address without forwarding requests. It is disposed of at the office.
    Our customers care about their mail getting misdelivered. Hello – does anybody in management remember the customer? Didn’t think so. Local offices do deal with them but district management does not come in contact with customers at all, and doesn’t have to listen to the complaints. They are interested in making the numbers and getting bonuses and promotions. They want it done yesterday and refuse to spend any time trying to improve reliability.
    They also are having a contest at district and Area levels where personnel will get awarded for motivating employees with their inspired leadership, even though they never enter a staging area or have a goddamn thing to do with the craft. Gee, I could award myself too. How hollow is “recognition” when it isn’t deserved and is designed for accomplishments that aren’t even performed? Who the hell does management think they’re fooling, except for the occasional 204-B suck up? Or the snitch/suck up who thinks the grass is greener in the snake pit? We know what kind of people the majority of management usually is.
    Now to give credit where it’s due, I like my supervisor and another supervisor just fine. They are not ladder climbers at least not at the time, have taken the time to truly know us as individuals and have been fair to us. If I identified these supervisors, no doubt they’d have a price on their heads for actually working with craft instead of being sadistic jerks.
    But to get back to the point – you want to keep’s business or anybody else’s, you have to do the job right. I’m afraid those who can are becoming a rarity.

  3. P.O. down fall less $ less work not good. That’s why P.O. needs to be creative and change with the times.

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