Video: Amazon Hires USPS Ultimate Frisbee Team to Speed Deliveries

June 19, 2016

Video: Amazon Hires USPS Ultimate Frisbee Team to Speed Deliveries
Brent Gregory
I was surprised to find my Amazon delivery on the sidewalk, so I reviewed the security camera video, and discovered they have found a new way to make delivery more efficient. Notice the spin on the box to keep it flying level. Well done. The box contained socks, so no harm was done.

8 thoughts on “Video: Amazon Hires USPS Ultimate Frisbee Team to Speed Deliveries

  1. Probably a combat veteran forced to work on Memorial Day rushing to get home to what really matters. Forcing workers to leave their families on Sundays and National Holidays to deliver Amazon packages is an absolute disgrace. Everyone should contact their Congressmen and urge them to stop this BS.

    • Last time i checked Memorial Day is not celebrated on June 19th and there is no way a combat veteran would act this way besides most of them are used to much worse. This is clearly another CCA not caring about the customer. Seen it to many times.

  2. yep just keep hiring those CCA’s they will bury the Post Office if they are continually taught speed over service. You are creating the virtual end to any revenue you could have possible captured through lower pay for these guys.

  3. CCA?! Probably…engine left running while not in seat. Took off without securing door and didn’t have seatbelt on when driving away. Tsk tsk tsk….promotion coming soon!!

  4. I know a lot of good workers at the Post Office that are just sick to see someone do
    what was done here. I tried to tell the people at my old office that the people you
    serve will know you by your heart. The sad truth is that the boss sets the standard, and if they don’t care, who will?. I guess that is why many that know you can’t change
    anything to make it better give up.

  5. we are, are own worst enemy, But this is what happens when postal management does not really believe in the term customer service the only term they believe in, bonus and keeping my bucket full

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