Video: Bixby, OK Mail Trouble Prompts Action From U.S. Congressman

10/12/2016 Mail issues in Bixby [Oklahoma],  have prompted Congressman Jim Bridenstine’s office to get involved.


For the past few months, residents in different areas of Bixby say they have either not received their mail or it’s been delivered to the wrong address or their mail is late.

The issue has become so bad, that city councilor, Richie Stewart reached out to Congressman, Jim Bridenstine’s office for help.

2 thoughts on “Video: Bixby, OK Mail Trouble Prompts Action From U.S. Congressman

  1. For some reason I can’t get my Adobe to open the article, but that doesn’t matter because I can tell customers what exactly is going on.

    1) Chronic understaffing. Don’t get too mad at the carrier – those who are lowest in seniority or are new City Carrier Assistants (CCA’s) are carrying huge loads of mail every day, sometimes as much as two routes per carrier to get the mail out and they are exhausted. It is only expected that people who work seven days a week or even 14, now that CCA’s come in on Sunday just to deliver those damn packages and other Christmas packages soon will be worn out after 10 or 12, sometimes longer days and working in the dark. Some CCA’s and regulars run too fast, work through lunch breaks and make it easier for management to remain lackadaisical and indifferent to the needs of the customer.

    2) Management. Obstinate, indifferent, clueless, obsessed with numbers games, abusive, harassing – just some of the traits by some management, and unfortunately it’s those in higher level positions who are far removed from you, the customer, the workroom floors and complaints. They do not understand why stupid computer estimates can’t be met, when it’s been proven again and again through grievances nation wide that volumes are deliberately falsified, no consideration is made for inclement weather, traffic delays, or any other factor that can affect the time it takes to deliver a route. Arrogance, nepotism, ass kissing – combined with incompetence and the aforementioned falsifying of street time estimates are what matters to those climbing the USPS ladder, and while some are decent enough people, more often than not those in the actual working offices and not some hideaway office building where higher level creeps don’t have to dirty their hands associating with lower level scum, the system is corrupted and floor level supervision and postmasters have been as disgusted with the way things are done as craft people and the public.

    3) Need for postal reform. It is imperative that the whole system be overhauled without hurting workers or causing layoffs. With deliveries so late and so undependable, it is obvious more permanent help is much needed, but thanks to the horrible pre-funding retirement law passed by George W. Bush and the 2006 Congress, the USPS has to pre-fund the retirement insurance and benefit packages for the next 50 or so years, something no other agency, public or private has to do. It is estimated the funding is already up to 75 years away before running out of money if it suddenly stopped coming in, and that would cover thousands of people not even hired yet. This was designed for greedy GOP lawmakers to dip into the fund and “borrow” whatever they wanted, and then shrug and say the money they “borrowed” was spent already and there would be no reimbursement. This costs the USPS billions and makes it harder for them to hire new people. That law must be overturned, and the money stolen returned so more people can be given jobs, dangerous LLV’s and other faulty dangerous equipment be replaced.

    There you have it in a nutshell, folks. Theft, falsifying of volumes, carelessness and running on routes instead of taking the time to do their work properly and refusal to address the problem is the culprit. Do not believe anybody in management when they give their public announcements. USPS spokespersons will say anything to get people to leave them alone.

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