Video Captures Mail Carrier Running Over Trash Bins

LEXINGTON, KY (Lex 18) – A 12 second video of a postal worker is providing a lot of answers for some Lexington homeowners wondering why their trash cans are sometimes tipped over in the street.


In west Lexington, off Stallion Run, trash day doesn’t always go as smoothly as Sivi Wills would like.

“I came in today and saw that my trash can was blown over and thought maybe it was the wind,” She said.

Face down and wheels up, her herbie is rarely on the curb.

“Not only my trash can, I’ve seen others in the cul de sac,” Wills said. | Continuous News and StormTracker Weather

Source: Video Captures Mail Carrier Running Over Trash Bins

4 thoughts on “Video Captures Mail Carrier Running Over Trash Bins

  1. My son is a Postal Carrier. He is sometimes out after dark trying to get his whole load delivered and he does not get paid extra for doing this. One of the reasons it sometimes takes so long is because residents will often block the mail box with various items, trash cans being one of the items. How else is he supposed to deliver the mail? Do you have any other suggestions?

  2. Here’s the whole explanation. The garbage truck picks the container off the curb, empties the trash and then puts the container on the street. I’ve been behind a garbage truck and watched it happen house after house. Yes I push the cans out of the way, but I also pick up any I knock down. Maybe USPS management should have a talk with LFUCG.

  3. Our carriers are on tight schedule. If your trash cans are blocking access to the mail boxes, we call in the enforcer to push them out of the way.

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