Video: Chesterfield VA community says mail carrier is delivering frustrations


CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – Residents in one Chesterfield neighborhood say they’ve had nothing but bad mail service for the past year.

They say they’ve complained on the local and national level, but nothing’s changed, so they reached out to 12 On Your Side.

Neighbors in the Greenfield subdivision say it’s a great place to live, except when it comes to the mail service.

“It’s bad enough that I don’t put things in the mailbox. I take them straight to the post office,” says one neighbor.

Another resident says she thought it was an isolated incident until a community message board had dozens of people saying the same thing: residents not getting their packages, getting someone’s else mail and, in some cases, damaged items.

NBC12 – WWBT – Richmond, VA News On Your Side

2 thoughts on “Video: Chesterfield VA community says mail carrier is delivering frustrations

  1. If I were getting service that is this poor and couldn’t make any headway solving it with the postal service, I would rent a po box and remove my residential mailbox..

    That way I wouldn’t be stuck with the lousy carrier anymore, he couldn’t mess up my mail anymore because there would be no where for him to put it, and the small rental cost of the po box would be money well spent for the peace of mind knowing that I was getting my mail and not someone else in the neighborhood.

    Problem solved!! We’ll, sort of. For me at least.

  2. Chesterfield Community rest assured this is what happens when America and the Less to do public is left to die on the vine. The opportunity looked for is embodied in the fabric of this great country. Read the PNAC report (Pg 51) and where this culture is going and , the question is, What? Getting rid of those old bad Unions and their highly paid leaders and we are left in the midst of The American Greed Society. Completely eradicate the so called Middle-Class and, What? This Presidential Election is primed to refocus our way of thinking toward the narrow progress intended for “TIMES” to come, believing this will pass. This mess is real, and not make believe as shouted by most talking heads.

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