Video: Colorado postal worker accused of faking cancer in order to use sick leave

Denver7 reporter Molly Hendrickson tells us a United States Postal Service employee is facing a number of fraud charges in connection to allegations that she faked a cancer diagnosis in order to use hundreds of hours of sick time.fakecancer


Source: Affidavit: Postal worker forged doctor’s notes, faked cancer diagnosis to use sick time

14 thoughts on “Video: Colorado postal worker accused of faking cancer in order to use sick leave

  1. Another postal manager bites the dust!!!

    Idiot manager couldn’t even spell the doctor’s name right!! LOL

    You can’t make this crap up!!!

  2. Interesting story. Certainly disgusting. However, the news failed to report that the USPS is not an easy place to get time off. If this was her accrued sick leave, then I am not sure why there is possible prosecution. I didn’t see that she solicited sick leave or money from anyone. Shouldn’t be illegal to use your own saved time. Forged documents are illegal, no doubt. However, I do sympathize with her feeling she had to do this to use her own time. The news doesn’t report the whole story.

    • You get time off in an orderly manner and according to schedule. It is already more generous than some private entities. Using leaves in a fraudulent manner is going to be disciplined accordingly.

    • She should have read the bottom of the FMLA and 3971’s she signed. That’s more the issue i take from the report. After 26 yrs she may have had the 112 days. unless she requested donated leave. I feel this isn’t the first time in her career she’s done this. I think its more about the paperwork than the time used. She lied about her sick leave use and that’s the offense.

      • Not only did she lie, she committed fraud by forging doctors’s signatures. By definition, it’s a criminal offense and will be dealt with appropriately .

    • What she did is illegal. Read the bottom of the 3971 right where they sign, 5 years in prison or $10,000 fine for false information.

  3. Now maybe the USPS will grant her wish, and she can stay home all the time with no pay, YOUR FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • *hysterical laughing*
        That’s funny. Aussie Post CEO makes $5.6 million/yr compared to USPS Postmaster General’s $544,00. USPS’s losses were caused by a Congressional mandate to pre-fund future retiree health benefits for 75 years. Yes, in layman’s terms, that’s pre-funding for employees that HADN’T EVEN BEEN BORN YET. Remember, a decision made by the US government…

  4. lol if the fanooks did not pick the postal circus as a first career……..they would all be brain surgeons! now you know why they lost $105 Billion since 2009. even the CEO of Aussie Post said they are a bunch of losers! (google it)

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