Video: Congressman Steve King delivers mail

Video: Congressman Steve King delivers mailMASON CITY, Iowa – It’s a sight you don’t see every day. U.S. Representative Steve King, is getting an inside look at the Mason City Post Office, and he’s joining in on the route as well. He was invited by Herb Copley, who is a letter carrier and the Vice President of the Iowa State Association of Letter Carriers. Copley wants to show the Congressman around, and give him a look at what actually happens behind the scenes at the Post Office. And hopefully, make him aware of the challenges the USPS faces. “It looks pretty easy to go out to deliver mail,” Copley says, “But I think the Congressman got a better idea of what we do and once he understood what we do than it’s easier to talk about the issues that we face.”

Copley invited King to get a look at what goes on at the Post Office. The Congressman was able to see everything from carriers prepping their mail before delivery, to the Postal Service vehicles, and even took part in delivering mail on the route. Congressman King said he enjoyed his day, and was able to learn more about the USPS, but when it comes to restructuring the Pre-Fund Mandate, he isn’t taking a public position at this point. “I want to look at the numbers more closely. I’d like to compare them to other organizations and what they’ve been compelled to do and how that would work. But as far as Congress just stepping in and providing the funding to fill the hole that’s a pretty big asking today’s world.”

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9 thoughts on “Video: Congressman Steve King delivers mail

  1. it would be better to show up like undercover boss…… a old pse and see how the place really works. show up as a congressman and you will not find out anything but how much ass the po mismanagers can kiss.

  2. I grew up (or at least spent my first 12 years) in the tiny burg of Plymouth, Iowa just outside of Mason City. Even though my family moved south to Arkansas in 1973 I was old enough and interested in the towns around us to still have fond memories of Mason City, where we shopped and my Dad worked. I’ve visited there a couple a times recently and while it isn’t Shangri-La, it’s a nice small city about 29,000 that serves a very large farming region in north central Iowa, and has more businesses and activities than most cities its size.
    So seeing the article on a U.S. Representative carrying mail there, I was interested. Like the other posts, I don’t think he carried more than a couple pieces of mail for the photo ops, but it is commendable that he at least showed up and took a first hand look around the office.
    Of course you know the management was probably all smiles and wearing their shit eating “one big happy family” grins, but one hopes that if the Mason City management is lousy, and I don’t wish that on anybody, the carrier gave him an earful.
    I also hope, as Tiger Alan pointed out that the Congressman see clerk activities at a plant facility, and let workers tell him how they feel about having to give more toward their annuities and not get any more back, not to mention potentially lowering the interest earnings on TSP accounts to .01 percent, which would make them basically worthless in the G fund, and force more people to put money in the riskier accounts.
    I’d invite my legislators, but Arkansas is so hard core right wing it’s a waste of time. We’re so proud (not) of Tom Cotton and the religious discrimination bill that showed the world just how full of hate the Christians and right wing ultimately are.

  3. Mr. King is blowing smoke, “He want’s to review the numbers”??
    He and the entire Congress have had numbers for review since the second year the $5.5 billion was to be paid out by the P.O.
    Who is this red neck kidding, this guy has been a loon for a long time and keeps getting reelected every 2 years.

    • Is he wearing a suit! How much mail did he deliver? Since we get no money from the government, why do they have to examine anything. It’s just one big scam

  4. He says he would like to compare the numbers to what other organizations have been compelled to do? No other entity has been compelled to repeatedly cough up 5.5 BILLION dollars. He needs to compare them to see “how they would work.” One lame and uninformed Congressman

  5. Our elected officials should take a hands on look at what letter carriers do. They should witness the autocratic and mean supervisors in the facilities as well. The elected officials should also see the late starting times, the forced overtime, and all the workers coming back late because of unfairly designed pivots that cannot be delivered in the time that is assigned to these pivots.

    • Congress should also see what goes on when processing and DPS mail the mail that the carriers receive. Congress themselves should be pre-funding their own health care as well being that some of them only serve 1 term and done. Then they are taking care of for the rest of their lives while we have to put in 20 to 30 years to earn ours!!! Something does not add up to me.

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