Video: Ed Schultz-The GOP’s endless attack on a fundamental US institution–USPS

Republicans love to attack the U.S. Postal Service, this time through an extremely misleading report skewing the numbers about profits.

APWU President Mark Dimondstein appeared on The Ed Schultz Radio Show and The Ed Show on MSNBC to discuss postal finances – and how Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe seems determined to use the ginned-up crisis to justify piecemeal privatization and drastic cuts in service.

7 thoughts on “Video: Ed Schultz-The GOP’s endless attack on a fundamental US institution–USPS

  1. Here is a bit of truth for all you people out there the pre-funding was set up in 2006 when the Postal Service was at a all time high as far as mail volume and staffing. Since this time the Postal Service has closed hundreds of plants and AOs(small offices) and has cut staffing (through retirement without replacing the employee)almost in half, yet the 75 years of pre-funding has not reflected the drop in staffing that will continue at the current numbers or less. If you were to consider that the amount employees is almost half of what was originally estimated then the Postal Service would have already paid the full amount of the Pre-funding and there goes all the gloom and doom that has been the whole push for privatization and restructuring, and the Postal Service is back to making a profit all over again.

  2. Really? Ed Schultz is on MSNBC to take “union money” and promote their agenda? If that’s the case, show us what led you to that conclusion. Facts.

    It’s obvious that all you really want to do is sidetrack the discussion. You appear to be ignorant of the real issues here, and have nothing of any value to contribute.

    Prove me wrong.

  3. Ed Schultz will promote anything you give him money to promote. This guy takes union money and promotes their agenda on his show..Thats why he is on MSNBC….Change is for the good…Wake up

  4. The truth of the matter in the Northeast anyway
    is through Donahoe’s consolidation efforts causing
    certain facilities to take on large increases in
    either flats or letters, clerks and mailhandlers
    are making money hand over fist. Tour 1 clerks are
    pulling in 6 figures working in automation with v
    time followed by tour 3 clerks close behind. Clerks
    working anywhere in the facility can work automation
    in Boston. Mailhandlers have continued for years this
    way with OT being bountiful. Supervisors are working
    extra hours at regular pay seeing they don’t receive
    OT pay. Every Holiday is a given for holiday pay and
    an n/s day or both. So, it’s obvious Mr. Donahoe is
    spending money like a drunken sailor with his staff
    wearing blinders to the spending spree. What’s amusing
    is the continued testimony of Mr Donahoe concerning the
    reduction in employment numbers mostly through attrition
    and the savings attributed to that. Now you know where
    it’s going! Great for all the clerks and mailhandlers and
    the carriers but really who’s kidding who here. Where are
    the number crunchers on this fiasco like the OIG?? to study
    not only how much money this calculates to yearly but what’s
    being done to neutralize it….. the answer: “NOTHING”

  5. Patrick Donahoe agenda is to privatize the post office. I am sure this will line his pockets with big money. If they do not replace him this is going to happen!
    He is destroying the Post Office.

  6. Should have the PMG replaced.Little done him to get more retail sales,banking ,hunting License and other items to add more to the bottom line. By cutting people we are only cutting service.

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