Video: Family of postal worker wants answers after death at Pontiac MI mail enter


PONTIAC, Mich. (WXYZ) – The family of 38-year-old Keesha Gray of Detroit has now hired a lawyer to investigate her death at the Metroplex Mail Distribution Center in Pontiac.

She’s one of five workers to die on the job in 14 months, the latest happening in October of 2015.
Gray died from Bronchial Asthma in June of 2015. Her attorney Brian McKeen tells us she felt sick that day at work and told her managers she was going to her car. That’s where he says she collapsed, died, and she wasn’t found for nearly two hours.

McKeen says, “If it’s proven that methane gas was to blame, we need to figure out who’s responsible and hold them accountable.”

The Inspector General found the methane gas detection system was not working correctly for months in 2015, but testing found gas levels were safe, and the district office told us workers were never in danger. More

12 thoughts on “Video: Family of postal worker wants answers after death at Pontiac MI mail enter

  1. The same SAFETY team was in my office, the same team that let Des Moines receive $119,000 OSHA fines.

    Complete joke the USPS has turned into, 26 years and getting worse by the second!!

  2. Unfortunately, good luck getting anything, let alone the truth, from the crooks and sleaze in postal mgmt.

    Deceive, deflect, and deny.

    The postal mgmt. slogan.

  3. so you want truthful answers from the post office? you have a better chance of seeing God delivering your mail…….on a Sunday!

  4. Sadly this case reminds me of a case in Texas. There a 38 year old letter carrier died
    unexpectedly. The Post Office rather than using any common sense, I guess figured
    hey he’s gone. When his daughter’s friend finally could not keep the secret any longer that his own daughter had poisoned he. The cops finally had the answer. The
    gentleman speaking for the family is correct. The Post Office has one thing for sure,
    one big problem.

  5. Look at these posts: including what will follow on mine, you are reading commentary from those who should know – the craft employees who know what they’re talking about.
    The USPS will indeed get the highest priced lawyers, tamper with evidence, perjure themselves on the witness stand and refuse to accept one iota of culpability for what happened in Pontiac. They perjure themselves to Congressional hearing questions like it was second nature, so lying to a jury and judge will be no trick, because those in higher levels especially, whom in many instances pulled a lot of dirty stunts to get where they are, and are practiced liars and insensitive tyrants.
    Why a full fledged criminal investigation wasn’t conducted by the Department of Justice after the details started to surface is a mystery. That this poor co-worker’s only shot at justice is through a private lawyer is not right, but in sympathy I’m glad something is going to happen.
    I hope the investigation leads to a grand jury indictment provided there is enough evidence left over that management hasn’t already tried to, or succeeded in destroying. Expect threats from them toward any Pontiac employees that may testify, but be tough. Log every threat, every attempt at intimidation, make sure you have witnesses, and let the lawyer know of any attempts to botch his investigation. It is high time USPS higher level management got their due for decades of deliberate neglect and malfeasance.

  6. In 2001, we had numerous meetings stating our building was safe, from maintenance personnel to the Plant Manager on up the chain to district headquarters. After working in an Anthrax tainted building for several weeks, they closed it and it took almost 4 years to reopen Trenton P&DC.

  7. In the interest of justice the USPS will BLOCK any and every attempt to find out the truth. USPS knew they screwed up but what the hell it’s not like we will ever be held accountable (see Royal Oak shooting with multiple deaths)

  8. The tools and thugs will say anything to protect
    themselves. They are immoral, unethical and hypocritical
    unhuman beings. Get everything in writing. Fire them all.

    • My sad duty to inform the readers if this ever happen in your District or station, Branch or Main Facility please tell your shop steward to file the grievance referencing Safety and health and file direct at Step 2. Whenever thats the case many safety violations exist so do the leg work it pays to be safe.
      Safety First, Last and Always!

  9. District told they were safe. HA. District safety people basically get no training like rest of employees. None have educational background in safety, no college required, and when they walk around and do inspections it’s a joke. Many are clueless of real dangers. Not the mention the ones management tires to hide when they make planned walk through visits

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