Video: Family wants answers after postal workers allegedly kick and spray their dog

HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT)- One Perry County family wants answers after they caught two separate mail carriers on camera, allegedly kicking and spraying one of their dogs.

The owners said both incidents happened within a week of each other and involved their 5-month-old Jack Russell, Rosie.


According to Rosie’s Owner, Tristian Dillon, they first saw surveillance video of their mailman kicking Rosie.

“He kept looking around the whole time,” said Dillon. “Then after he put the mail in the mailbox, I noticed he kicked Rosie.”

However, that was not the only incident. Dillon said after seeing that footage she decided to look back at other footage. That’s when she said she found another video showing what appears to be a different mailman, spraying Rosie.

“He walks in, he really doesn’t act scared of her, he’s just looking around,” said Dillon. “Then he puts the mail in the mailbox and as he’s walking away he pepper sprays her.”

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2 thoughts on “Video: Family wants answers after postal workers allegedly kick and spray their dog

  1. If mail carrier felt threaten by the dog he can refuse to deliver the mail to the patron. he didn’t have to kick the dog, however if he chose to deliver to the mail box and the carrier again felt threaten by the dog spray him with that safe solution and keep it moving. carriers need to get the mail delivered in a timely fashion and don’t have time to play with dogs. Jack Russell’s are not bitters they have more bark then bite.

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