Video: Georgia Neighborhood Relieved To Be Getting Mail Following TV Investigation

10/20/2016 DECATUR, Ga. – People in one DeKalb County neighborhood are raising concerns about missing mail after our story showing piles of mail dumped in the woods.

Several residents told Channel 2’s Tyisha Fernandes they’ve come to their mailboxes, and when they go to put their key in, they find that a key is already in the slot. So that means anyone could’ve just taken their mail out.

Harold Pritchett told Fernandes that one day, he came to get his mail, and a key was already in his slot, so anyone could’ve taken his mail.

When Fernandes looked around, it wasn’t only his mail box.

“We’ve been finding keys hanging out of boxes,” Pritchett said.

He didn’t know what to do with the keys, and he knows it’s a federal offense to tamper with someone’s mailbox, so he left the keys there and called the post office to complain.

source: Neighbors Relieved To Be Getting Mail Following Chanel 2 Investigation