Video: Houston family says mail carrier pepper sprayed dogs who posed no threat


HOUSTON (KTRK) — A northwest Houston family wants a mail carrier disciplined for spraying their dogs with what appears to be pepper spray even though security video shows the dogs posed no threat.

The Cruz family’s three dogs were outside last Thursday but behind a closed gate when the United States Postal Service mail carrier approached to deliver the mail.

Jose Cruz says what happened next was shocking.

His home video shows the carrier spraying the three lap dogs until they retreated. A thick metal gate separates them from the mailbox and the mail carrier.

“They’re little dogs behind the fence. They don’t deserve that. Just put the mail in and go to the next house,” said Cruz.

EXCLUSIVE: Mailman appears to pepper spray dogs in security video

10 thoughts on “Video: Houston family says mail carrier pepper sprayed dogs who posed no threat

  1. The way the mail box was set up on that gate I don’t blame the mail man for spraying the dogs. Set the mail box facing away from the gate. He has to stick his hand right next to the gate where the dogs are jumping. On the video I saw the dogs stick their head between the bars. I would make the customers pick the mail up at the post office until they fix their mail box.

  2. I love dogs. Then, long ago, I got a job as a casual carrier. I remember all the carriers telling me all customers will tell you, “My dog won’t bite…me.” I’m still a little nervous around aggressive dogs. So glad I became a clerk.

  3. pay peanuts and you attract monkeys……….typical postal mismanagement-lie and deny! maybe the letter carrier thought lassie was going for his glock? now you know why people call it the US Postal Circus!

  4. as a retired postal employee I refuse to post anything on the Disqus comments. The people there first don’t know how to stay on subject and second there is no screening of comments. It is an out of control comment board and should be shut down.

  5. Maybe they were causing damage to carriers ears? Really, why is it people think a dog bite is the only “harm” a dog can cause? Barking dogs hurt my ears especially when the box is adjacent to an open window or like in this case a fence. You’re putting mail in box and you’ve got these loud shrill ankle bites yapping in your ears. Also raises blood pressure and/or triggers an adrenaline rush both of which can be extremely dangerous for many folks. I guess I have little sympathy for any owner that puts there dogs in a position that allows them to bark incessantly just a couple feet from anyone.

    • sounds like you are trying to get out of work and still get paid .i bet if a hundred dollar bill was on the other side of the fence he would have reached in and got it . oh yea tell him to get in proper uniform .I did’nt know we had white tennis shoes on our allotment.
      And if dog barking bothers you then maybe you are in the wrong kind of work

    • Screaming babies hurt my ears, but it doesn’t make it okay to abuse them. Wtf is wrong with you?! If you don’t want dogs barking at you, don’t apply for a mailman job. They were 20lbs max and behind a locked gate. Dogs barking at a stranger on their property are doing their job. That’s animal cruelty. Humans are supposed to be the smart ones. Dogs can’t reason…they’re innocent. They dont undrestand not to bark at this particular stranger because they’re a USPS worker delivering mail. You don’t have the ability to reason because you’re an whiny moron. That’s the absolute nicest way I can put it. I guess I just have a low tolerance for stupidity, and your stupidity is radiating with a comment like that.

  6. The customer is exactly right. I know of at least one sick bastard letter carrier who at least at one time if not now got his jollies spraying dogs just for the hell of it whether they were friendly, properly penned in or not. He is still carrying mail and amongst other things is a lousy damn carrier to boot.
    I have long championed the rights of animals and the very few times I was anything less than loving toward them still haunt me to this day. I had to spray dogs that were attacking and trying to bite me who were loose, and I hated it. I wanted to go after the owners because the dog was just doing what it thought it was supposed to.
    I also believe dogs, cats and other animals who are close to humans know a friend when they see one. I’ve made friends on my routes with dogs who the owners would tell me used to want to go after the letter carrier, because after all, he or she was on their turf. But after talking to them every day in a nice tone, many grew to trust me, and I even made buddies and had to go to the fence every day to pet and visit at one home that had a bull mastiff and a red chow. They would whine like little kids if I didn’t.
    I have a couple cats who, when are outdoors and see me come out to the street for a daily butt scratch and neck rub. How can you turn that down? If I have a route examiner with me I still do it and tell them to do whatever they want, that these pets are my friends and I won’t stop briefly visiting them.
    I love animals, my spoiled rotten cat rules the house, and agree that any carrier who abuses any animal who isn’t a threat needs disciplined. I also think those types are also prone to abusing loved ones like spouses and kids, too. Be assured, customers, that we are not all sadistic jerks like that. Shame on him.

  7. I would have done the same thing, If they don’t ant the dogs sprayed then keep them in until the mail is delivered. I wouldn’t trust a gate the dogs were jumping all over and I’ve seen dogs jump fences and the customer say I don’t know how they did that. At the carrier academy they taught us trust no dog no matter how friendly they appear. The customer should be sent a letter warning then if the dogs are out the mail won’t be delivered .

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