Video: Kansas City post office apologizes after veterans with service dogs were asked to leave

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Two veterans are upset after they said they were not allowed inside a Kansas City post office location because they have service dogs.

veterans service dogs

One veteran, who asked to not be named, was unable to pick up his package on Tuesday at the location inside Union Station. The employees told him he needed a tag on his dog or documentation to prove he needed the animal. He left without retrieving his package.

“This is a service animal, this is not a pet,” he said in a video he took of the incident.

On Wednesday, fellow veteran and friend Michael Poland experienced the same incident.

Source: Kansas City post office apologizes after veterans with service dogs were asked to leave

15 thoughts on “Video: Kansas City post office apologizes after veterans with service dogs were asked to leave

  1. most of these people with so-called service dogs are full of crap! just an excuse to bring their stupid mutts everywhere.

  2. just another example, of thousands of examples, why the postal circus should be broken up in two, half to UPS ($105.00 a share) and the other half to FDX ($185 a share). po bureaucrats will be in the streets because no one in the private sector would hire them and workers will become employee’s of better companies and be represented by the Teamsters and get discounted stock through payroll deduction……whats not to love. I am all in! (ps-company union a-pee-u has not represented me in 30 years, three times I won charges of non-representation against them at the National Labor Relations Board-apwu union thugs just line their own pockets)

  3. the apology just don’t cut it……..President Trump fire the dirt bag po mismanagers who did this. normal operating procedure for these low life criminals. PMG Muffin IOD Megan has to go!

    • Service dogs are not for personal security, it is a mental health issue. Something they can not “just turn off” when they want.

      Common logic, really??

  4. I agree that if a person needs it due to a physical condition I am all for letting them in to help with a disabled person. However if it is a mental health or security dog they don’t need it around 24 / 7. Lets get real people logic is an endangered commodity.

    • stop crying and do something about it……look around and hire a young lawyer who specialized in labor law, this will keep costs down due to not being experienced. the young labor lawyer will do well because he is going up against po mismanagers who are dropouts, GED’s or barely made it out of high school………postal workers give these lowlifes to much credit, once you get them in a courtroom, put them under cross- examination, they fold like a cheap tent. I did this 22 years ago, won 50K, my young lawyer is now a “legal eagle” award winner in New York City area. (legal eagle award goes to top 1% lawyer in their field, my lawyerwon for top 1% in labor law, members of the State Bar vote them in, very prestigious award……a PO MDO would not even qualify to lick their boots)

  5. I was frauded out of my backpay by a union business agent. I was given a fraudulent document. I reached out to the apwu and others who all saw the same document and did nothing . Years of retaliation and harassment from union reps teaming up with a certain manager. If it wasn’t for the employees and a retired postal worker I would have never found out. That’s when I was told to get a fraud and forgery expert. The expert confirmed my worst fears. I immediately contact the Attorney Generals office and Senator . All documents were turned over. I was also learned that i had Breast Cancer. That did not stop the harassment and retaliation. I was harassed through the mail by the business agent . I was forced out the work place by a Manger during Radiation treatment. I am fighting for my home ,medical bills continue to pile up, financial troubles and most importantly my recovery with breast cancer. I can’t afford to retire after being advantage of by a union that’s supposed to be there to represent you. How many more. I pray for justice and resolution.

      • First of all, “seeing eye dogs” and the term are/is obsolete. As a fellow veteran of 34 years and letter carrier for 23 years(one of the original mailmen), I’ve learned/developed the ability to research before responding to opposing positions, viewpoints statements and ideas. The KC post office apologized(it’s obvious they researched and realized their mistake). For the sake of brevity, if anyone is interested in the requirements of the “service dog”, google “Revised ADA requirements for service animals”. To all veterans…Thanks for your service.

  6. Is it a seeing eye dog? or therapy dog? If its for therapy it can stay in the car or at home. I don’t feel bad for them.

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