Video: Last Man Standing – Politics paralyzes USPS Board of Governors

Video: Last Man Standing - Politics paralyzes USPS Board of Governors

USPS Board of Governors nominees waiting on confirmation; from left to right: David Shapira, Mickey Barnett, Stephen Crawford, David Michael Bennett, and James Miller III

bog32014The U.S. Postal Service loses hundreds of millions of dollars per year, in part because of competition from email and social media. People simply don’t send letters anymore.

Several ideas have surfaced to improve the postal service’s bottom line, but the board which oversees its operations is essentially paralyzed. The problem is political.

It turns out the man who now serves as the Chairman of the National Postal Service Board of Governors is a lifelong Las Vegan who says he is frustrated to see political squabbles interfere with mail delivery.

Jim Bilbray is no stranger to political tussles. He was a Nevada regent, state senator, and served four terms in Congress, but when this lifelong Democrat was appointed by President George W. Bush to the Board of Governors of the U.S. Postal Service, he may have thought he was entering a non-political arena.

Source: I-Team: Politics paralyzes postal board – Story | LASVEGASNOW

7 thoughts on “Video: Last Man Standing – Politics paralyzes USPS Board of Governors

  1. get rid of the workers and just have a postal agency full of bureaucrats pushing paper at each other……..who needs mail, workers, and customers?

  2. Why would you care when we deliver 7 days a week.
    Not only do we fix problems in maintenance on the APPS by stopping the jams but are told not to do that and have the APPS jam for 20-30 minutes but also destroy mail , and delay mail. Mail processing supervisors move over to maintenance and when we try to help they refuse to listen. Congressmen and ladies have no clue to how the mail flows.
    If we are losing money why don’t we raise the rates? How can UPS or FedEx get mail contracts on the Federal Aviation and Social Security with the USPS having the lower rates ? Something just not right.

  3. What do you expect from our elected officials? Most of them only care about their power! The Ratpublicans only view the citizens as sources of votes and revenue. And they know that people are driven by emotions, and are unwilling to take the time to think. And the Democrats just don’t want to fight for workers anymore. Remember, this is the same government that started the war in Iraq over the “weapons of mass deception”. And the same congress that made the Postal Service pre pay for health insurance 75 years into the future, while no one else must!

  4. I had several business customers on my delivery route, not one thought that they would save money by eliminating a day of service. What’s the logic? Why should the Post Office slow down service by eliminating a service day when they already authorized mail delays & have lowered their delivery standars?

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