Video: Mail carrier arrested, accused of stalking woman on his route

mailmanarrJOHNS CREEK, Ga. — A local woman says she had to get a protection order to keep the family’s mail carrier away, but despite that, the post office didn’t change his route.

The mother of two, who didn’t want to be identified, says she called police on her mail carrier, Gregg Snyder, 62, after he showed up at her house three times in one day. Snyder is accused of leaving raw steak on her doorstep and making sexual comments to her.

“Opening the door to the mailman is something that I’ve always thought was safe,” she said.

Snyder was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

Source: Mail carrier arrested, accused of stalking woman on route

16 thoughts on “Video: Mail carrier arrested, accused of stalking woman on his route

  1. all new UPS and FDX employees go through an extensive background check, fingerprinted, and are bonded. Postal Circus now has 30-day wonders doing registry mail. (against company policy, but when does PO Mismgt follow policy) you reap what you sow!

  2. What if this girl’s house is an MSP point? He can’t scan it because of the restraining order.
    Management is always faced with difficult decisions.

  3. What if this girl’s house is an MSP point, how does Gregg make the scan?
    Surely management will have to swing into action.

  4. Not trying to defend the employee in any manner, but all new employees, CCA’s and RCA’s do have back ground checks, which include finger printing. Why the local management didn’t handle this appropriately is a mystery. I’ve had something similar, but not to this degree, and appropriate action was taken. Too bad, makes us all look bad.

  5. Just remember that this is nothing more than another sign of the complete incompetence of the top management at USPS Headquarters. This mail carrier is not wearing a uniform which means he is NOT a Career USPS employee. It also means that he did not have to submit his fingerprints and have the exhaustive background investigation that professional career USPS employees undergo.

    But upper USPS HQ management is saving money by hiring these unprofessional un-vetted workers instead of uniformed career professionals. In reality this kind of crap is doing potentially BILLIONS of dollars of long term damage to the USPS brand. In a competitive marketplace, brand image can make or break the bottom line and make the difference in turning a profit or filing for bankruptcy.

    Way to go USPS HQ management!

  6. That sounds to too much like being at the Post Office. In my old office , The union,USPS fired all the good workers. Then brought a gal that claimed that this
    guy (really nice ) did something out of the way. The Carriers all said this was untrue.
    They should have fired her for making false claims, but the USPS, Union gave her
    our jobs.

  7. this man appears to have some mental issues, get him mental help, give him his day in court, no story here.

  8. reminds me of the clerk a few years ago that took the phone number of a female off her check when she bought stamps and called her for a date. he was escorted to the door.

      • I would agree that some guys must be suffering old age, or mental
        illness. I don’t think it’s gender, or any thing like that. The bottom
        line is . The lady is a customer that should be treated with respect.
        If the person who has a job, and is do things like this. He is in the
        wrong place.

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