8 thoughts on “Video: Mailman doing donuts in the snow with LLV

  1. I’ve spun before but not deliberately. What the hell. I know whoever this was could have lost even more control and hit a car if one showed up in a hurry or even turned the LLV over. People record EVERYTHING now with their smart phones so we need to be a lot less careless. It’s odd that people rail against “Big Brother” watching everything when they do more self spying than any government spook. It seems we are totally willing to give up our anonymity and privacy just to play with phones like a “Get Smart” toy. When your dog or cat is on a national computer server just for getting a flea bath at your vet’s, like our two critters are, cyber world has indeed taken over. Scary ain’t it?

  2. maybe something crawled up his pants?
    that should get him off the hook!
    We are Farmers, dah ta dah ta dah

    • Now, Early…you know the driver had to be doing donuts for a while if the homeonwner had time to grab their phone, turn on the video and take the video. Also, there are several other “donut” tracks in the snow. I wonder if this driver is smart enough to realize that each LLV is numbered and it could be traced back to him/her (I’m guessing him).

  3. One thing that is for sure. When this driver gets in to a slide . 9 times out of 10 this
    driver knows for sure how to turn out of a slide. The State Police have a track for
    practicing high speed. In the UP of Michigan they teach on their track what to do in a
    slide. In order to qualify driving a Postal Jeep. I had to put a Jeep in a slide per the
    instructor. Is the operator a bit of a cowboy yes, but if the LLV gets damaged the
    USPS always get their money.

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